10:37 | 19th February 2019

Top Feature: Darren Waite

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

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When I am editing a magazine I turn into some kind of Kenneth Williams recluse. I become obsessive about page plans. I have an office that I work from when I am writing from home.
One wall has a Hollyoaks calendar and the other wall has the magazine. At any one time there is usually 100 pages stuck to the wall, with scrawl on it that only I can understand.

In the last two weeks of putting together a magazine I have always worked from home, I learnt this from an editor that I worked under when I first started in the industry.

She said to me that the two reasons she worked from home were that firstly she could have peace and quiet and secondly because she could make all of the changes that she wanted to make and she didn't have to argue about it with some salesman who sat in the corner of her office and had all the creativity of jam.

The benefit of working from home is that you get much more done, I start work about 10 in the morning and finish about 10 at night, you can work in your pyjamas and to break the day up there is always a bit of daytime TV to see you through.

I got up this morning and after a couple of hours work I put the TV on so that I could have some other noise in the house apart from the voice in my head saying 'You will never get this work done on time, do the lottery and go back to bed.'

From my living room I heard 'I hate gays, you are going to hell, you filthy fags.' I dropped the Weetabix, tripped over the cat and walked into my living room to see Jerry Springer ducking a flying chair.

I couldn't believe it, how can they still show this stuff on TV? I love a good ruck, it is always satisfying when a racist gets a slap on morning TV but this stuff was vitriolic and the audience were cheering. I sat there watching this woman who had been brought on there by her cousin to tell her to (and this was the name of the show) 'STOP being GAY'.

This woman just sat defeated whilst her family and audience delighted in her distress. It was carnal, these people were baying for blood.

I have always advocated freedom of speach, it is what I do for a living but at times you have to draw a line. People like that should absolutely not be given air time. To vilify a gay person on TV for being gay is disgusting.

It is barbaric, clumsy, lazy television. So I have retreated to my office Mercedes McQueen on the wall happy that I am working in the wonderful accepting world of LGBT.

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