05:10 | 22nd April 2019

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Miss Jason To Win? Yes, Dear!

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This summer, a brand new 4 x 60 minute singing show launches. 'The Singer Takes It All', created by Endemol UK, is a multiplatform singing game show and our very own, four time consecutive Golden Handbag award winner, Miss Jason is in with a chance of performing (and possibly winning).


Alan Carr will host the show on Channel 4, starting Friday 1st August and, for the first time ever, viewers at home will be both judge and jury from the comfort of their favourite armchair or sofa, via the real-time interactive app, 'The Singer Takes It All', downloadable now.

Each week budding singers will perform live on a thoroughly unique 18m long moving stage while, using the ground-breaking app, armchair judges at home will be handed the reins to rate performances a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss’ and see the results play out just seconds later.

If the hopeful singer (in our case, Miss Jason - or Jason S as she is on the app) is a ‘hit’, they will move forward towards the Gold Zone to continue their song. However, if most of the viewers decide they are a 'miss', the singer is booted backwards and off the track - potentially out of the show.

The inimitable Miss Jason is currently in the top 40 singing Chubby Checkers' 'Twist Again' into a banana.

She still needs 'hits' as only those in the top 40 will perform on the live shows, so get your fingers clicking and vote to keep her in...

Do we want her to win? In the words of Miss Jason herself - "Yes, Dear!"

For more information on the show, take a look at the official webpage: The Singer Takes It All

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