04:12 | 22nd April 2019

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Gay in Suburbia!

Our very own ‘Adventures of a Drag Queen’ columnist, Jeff Kristian will be playing the part of divorced single mum Mary in a new short film, ‘Out’. Living in suburbia with her teenage daughter Rachel, her twenty-something son Oscar returns home from the big city to come out as gay; a weekend in middle-England, rife with rumour and gossip, that changes their lives forever!

‘Out’ is the fourth film from Writer and Director Gsus Lopez. Also known as Jesus Lopez, he was born in Spain in 1986 and has lived in Barcelona and London for the past few years. His earlier films have been screened at international festivals including: ASVOFF Barcelona, ASVOFF Milan, Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Madrid Fashion Film Festival, Homotopia Arts Liverpool and VIVID Sydney (at the Contemporary Art Museum Australia) to name a few.

Following three series as the Singing Drag Queen on Channel 5’s ‘Big Brother’s Bit on the Side’, ‘Out’ will be the third film Jeff has worked on with Gsus.

‘Ephemeral Nature’ won the Best Film award at ASVOFF Barcelona and ‘It Melts’ is currently working the festival circuit.

Gsus says, “A divorced single mum would essential play the part of both mother and father in some families, which is why I cast a man (Jeff) in the role of Mary.”

Jeff says, “I’m really pleased to be working with Gsus again. It makes a change for me to play the part of a woman, rather than a drag queen or transgender, my usual type-casting. I hope I get the subtlety right… I’m sure people will tell me what they think, ha ha! Although in ‘It Melts’ I played an Ice-cream Man…”

A fundraising campaign is currently running on Kickstarter, where you can get involved in the movie yourself by investing, re-posting and promoting in return for personal interaction and reward. Visit the page to see a trailer of Gsus talking about the film and a teaser of Jeff in character as Mary. Follow the link to visit the ‘Out’ Kickstarter page and show your support!

To watch ‘Ephemeral Nature’, click here:

To watch ‘It Melts’, click here:

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