16:57 | 18th June 2018

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Pinkwire congratulates Kate and WIlls!

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Following a momentous long weekend that will go down in history Pinkwire would like to congratulate the happy couple, Kate and Wills, as they embark on their happy and prosperous future.

The city was filled with all things red, white and blue as the Nation came together to wish the happy couple all the best whist the rest of the world watched on at our Country flourish in all things Britannia.

A day that made us all proud to be British echoed throughout all corners of the country and especially in the streets of the Capital.

As usual the LGBT community managed to put our own fresh twist on the festivities as everyone filled the bustling streets of Soho in top-notch dress up costumes as drag queens and royal look-alikes took over.

In an environment that saw all communities of different sex, religion, and nationalities join together and rejoice as one it truly made it an enjoyable a day in history.

On behalf of us all at Pinkwire we wish Kate and Wills all the best and thank you for giving us that extra day off!

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