10:43 | 19th February 2019

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Celebrities ask President Obama to take a stand on same-sex marriage

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A number of celebrities have written to President Obama in a bid for him to “end discrimination in marriage” and to back equality.

Celebrity couples, including the likes of Ellen & Portia DeGeneres and Jane Lynch & Lara Embry, have all taken time to sign a letter to the President for the “Say I Do” campaign.

According to an Advocacy group more Hollywood A –Listers gay and straight have backed the campaign.

The New York-based group Freedom to Marry reports that people such as Anne Hathaway, Martin Sheen and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey have all signed the letter.

The letter to President Obama reportedly states:

“We ask you now for your leadership on ending the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage, an exclusion that harms millions of Americans each day. Whether to end discrimination in marriage is a question America has faced before, and faces again today.

With so many Americans talking it through in heartfelt conversations, it is a question that calls for clarity from the President.”

It is believed that several couples will deliver the letter to the White House this Spring in a bid for equality.

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