21:29 | 23rd June 2018

Top Feature: Darren Waite

liberal Democrats will vote on gay marriage

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The Liberal Democrats are to vote on full marriage rights for gay couples at next months party conference, as they aim to highlight the differences in the newly formed coalition government between themselves and the Conservatives.

The motion to be discusses next month will look into civil partnerships being converted into full married and allowing transgender people to remain married after changing sex.

The move has proved to be popular amongst the grassroots members of the party but could prove to be a talking point amongst the mores senior members of the party and with a lot of the Conservative party, however the motion is backed by the party leadership.

A Liberal Democrat source told the Independent on Sunday: "There will undoubtedly be some people that will speak against it, especially from the various religious groups. But this is something that the party as a whole has been calling for. It will be a key issue for us in defining ourselves against the Tories."

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes MP, has recently stated that full marriage will be available to same-sex couples under the current Government and earlier in the year, Lord Mayor of London Boris Johnson, said that he too supported the idea of full marriage rights for gay couples.

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