05:08 | 22nd April 2019

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Well-hung Parliament

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There we go, that's it, we've got the joke out of the way in the headline. If you aren't bored of the end-of-the-pier humour of hung (phnar, phnar!) parliament jokes already, I guarantee before the day is out you will be. Just when you thought the election campaign was over, and your FaceAche wall could return to the important business of Farmville and "X is bored", it seems it isn't.

Our prediction here on Pinkwire at the start of the campaign has turned out, despite all of the debates, to be uncannily accurate. It looks like the Conservative Party will indeed have an almost unworkable, and certainly not overall, majority. The Green Party have indeed managed their first MP in the shape of Caroline Lewis. The BNP have, despite a focus on immigration issues and the other hateful rubbish they spout, been prevented from gaining a seat; and there are new "independents".

On the Liberal Democrats we were wrong. Far from bolstering their support they actually appear to have lost half a dozen seats. Where they will be most furious is that they have only lost 1% of their share of the vote. Any argument they will make on the need for voter reform will doubtless mention this. A lot.

Nick Clegg appears to have been the big star of this election campaign, not least when Pinkwire rated him "shag". The leader's debate gave him a massive boost in profile, although the sceptical amongst you will recognise we were looking for a Prime Minister and not a gameshow host.

Now the horse-trading starts to find a way to make parliament work in the period between now and inevitable Autumn election. The Conservatives have the most seats and the largest share of the vote, but as we've discussed here before the current resident of Number 10 has the right to try and make something work. Like the best (or worst) of relationships there will be a lot of discussion, a good few tears, and plenty of compromise. If the next few days were a relationship then at least one of the parties would be allowed to start sleeping with other people, while the other's outrageous credit card bills will be ignored in return.

Use this opportunity to email your MP, especially if they are new, and remind them of the issues that matter to you. Unlike most other elections you will not be forgotten about for another few years until your vote is needed again. At the very least whichever party "wins" this election it will be by a tiny, and negotiated, majority. Every single vote will count, so push and push again for what you want. Not least your MP will probably need your vote again in a few months time!


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