04:06 | 22nd April 2019

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Is the Pink Pound dead? Er, no!

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There is an article in today's Observer which proclaims that the "glow" has gone from the Pink Pound. Apparently we are all now in Civil Partnerships and have children, and therefore our aspirations have moved from Clarins to Citroëns, and Center Parcs has become the new Gran Canaria. The last one is arguably an improvement but the spelling of Center Parcs, Gold Chalet with Hottub (their capitals and contraction of words) or not, would ruin my week there. It's a lovely concept I guess; we've all gown-up and got sensible. But it is bollocks.

The assertion that we've all had children isn't really born out by fact. Although 35,000 ish Civil Partnerships have taken place, in the same period less than 200 children have been adopted by same-sex couples.

Women can, of course (we at Pink Wire are nothing if not educational), have babies of their own; but given that 55% of Civil Partnerships are between male couples there still isn't likely to be the sweeping conversion to breeding The Observer might have us believe. Not least a lot of the excesses of the Pink Pound are ascribable to gay men.

We now have near equality and a legal recognition for our relationships, so for the first time we are seeing older gay and lesbian couples and out older lesbian and gay people. This is still a relatively new concept for all involved, and a scary one for a culture still obsessed with the cult of youth. So far from reducing, the power of the Pink Pound will surely expand into these new markets. We will surely now see gay and lesbian targeted stair-lifts, retirement homes and pensions.

So too do the increasing number of lesbian and gay parented families lead to a new market. All families have similar basic needs, but we make more discerning parents I'm sure. Having watched good friends of mine refuse to buy a people carrier partly because of the dreadful attitude of the car dealer and partly because "it's just hideous and boxy", I can confidently predict that the sooner Mothercare and other family staples find a way to tap-into the Pink Pound the better.

So it looks unlikely that the Pink Pound will die any time soon. What cannot be doubted is that the Pink Pound is certainly evolving. Whilst we still spend massively more on leisure, beauty and technology there is truth in the fact that we are growing older. Just not necessarily growing-up.


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