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Pride – a deadly sin…

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Pride – a deadly sin…

It’s July – my favourite time of the year – and it is time for Pride season. In 2011 what does Pride mean and how was it for you?

Pride is a mega interesting word (look in up in a dictionary). But interestingly, the me anyway, Pride is also one of the seven deadly sins (…just incase the Catholic Church needed another reason to hate us…) Regarding the deadly sins, in almost every list pride is considered the original and most serious, and the source of the others (Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Greed and Wrath - FYI people). It is identified as a desire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to acknowledge the good work of others, and excessive love of self. Many of the traditional negative Gay stereotypes could be included in that description – a coincidence maybe?

Obviously, this description of Pride is not wholly positive – I am sure we can all think of people who are too ‘proud’ for their own good and have elements of the above.

However, having balanced a pride in oneself is incredibly important for self-esteem. It is a sad fact that many LBGT people lack the real self esteem they need, having grown-up feeling the opposite of pride about who they are. Why? Well maybe because the world is intrinsically straight dominated. That is unavoidable – the vast majority of people in the world are straight and most in this country at least are pro-Gay rights. This though is all well and good, but is not particularly relateable to Gay Pride.

So what of Pride London this year? Pride, though a celebration of diversity and difference – and maybe most importantly a very public show of our presence and unity. It’s our day – funnily when I saw a girl and boy enjoying a snog I was almost temped to write to the council to complain…but that would be against the spirit of things. Against the spirit of togetherness, but it was lovely to see it as a minority.

For me it was a fantastic day – I had bags of fun. What can be more fun than a massive street party! The parade itself seemed slightly more subdued than in years gone past, personally I think it could have done with more music – the brass band playing Lady Gaga certainly went down a storm – oh and how off their faces do some of the people on the buses look? As ever, it is always great that Peter Thatchell got to speak to the assembled crowd. Not many people have done more to further Gay & Lesbian rights in this country, and I was proud that the people gathered at the Main stage in Trafalgar gave him the respect he deserves. Moving on, I always feel it is a shame that it’s so hard to get ‘big name’ performers for the main stage at Pride. But the fact is that they want a large appearance fee just to play two or three songs. I’ve always though this is rather short sighted as the ’Pink Pound’ has been proved to be very loyal to supporters of the cause – so I guess well done to Blue for being in the Parade…

For me the best entertainment of the day came from a drag queen on a tiny stage – with cute cute boys, wearing short short shorts… There is never much better than singing along to ‘It’s raining men’ out side in the sunshine. Other funny sights included seeing someone do a ‘snow angel’ in the rubbish outside Soho Square – I hope he has gone for a tetanus jab this week! A massive thanks must go out to the organisers for a fantastic day. Long may pride continue.

You often hear the phrase Pride comes before a fall. And it does – Autumn starts sometime in September.

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