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Tue 30 Mar, 2010
By Danielle Carter

Stonewall release awareness video for schools

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FIT, Get the word

Teachers and pupils alike have found FIT to be useful. The story raises important themes that have encouraged pupils to address their prejudices and think about the consequences of their language:

What the pupils say about FIT

* ‘Today’s play was very funny and interesting. After watching it, we realised it was wrong to use the word gay as a cuss word, and my friend Jason said you should always give your friend another chance if they’re gay. If they’re different it doesn’t mean you have to outcast them.’ – Navdeep, year 8 pupil

* ‘I thought that the play we watched today was fantastic and it also taught me a lesson.

It was that if one of my friends were to be gay I should still stick up for them because they are a human like me and it doesn't matter what they are - you shouldn't leave them out because you love them and they love you as a friend.’ – Sophie, year 7 pupil

* ‘Today year 7 watched a play about bullying and trying fit in. In the play there were people that were homophobic, and they didn't want to tell anyone because they thought that their friends might not like them anymore. I think it was a very good influence to the people that thought gay people don't fit in and can't be their normal selves just because they are different. I really liked it because it was interesting and taught us new things, like you don't have to be straight to have friends.’ – Mark, year 7 pupil

What the teachers say about FIT

* ‘The best theatre for schools that I have ever seen since I started teaching. A sentiment echoed by the rest of the performing arts department and the other staff that were privileged enough to be able to see it. Thank you so very much to you and to all of your colleagues for producing such a great production.’ -Emma, secondary school teacher

* ‘The best theatre production I’ve ever seen produced for schools. It seriously challenged the year 8 and 9 students about their thought processes and tackled the use of the word gay as a descriptor for something that students thought was rubbish. Every student I spoke to after the performances - over a hundred - said that they had thoroughly enjoyed it. They asked the actors for their autographs and thanked them for coming into the school. In fact, it was difficult to get them to leave the hall after the performance, even though it was break time, as they wanted to continue to discuss the issues raised in the performance! I highly recommend this production to any school.’ – Helen, secondary school teacher

* ‘The teachers and students alike unanimously loved it and have been talking about it all week’! – Richard, Head of personal and economic wellbeing, secondary school

* ‘The play was funny but meaningful at the same time. It captured the hearts of the children. It even made me teary-eyed. Some scenes were so well performed, it made a big impact on the way other children use the term ‘gay’. I’m sure that now the pupils will think twice before using homophobic words as an insult.’ – Sarah, secondary school teacher

Names have been changed.
What the writer / director says about FIT

* “I would ask the kids how many people thought homosexuality was wrong. In every single school the vast majority, about 80%, would put their hands up. But kids would come up after the performance and say quite openly ‘I walked into this room homophobic and will leave it a changed person.” Rikki Beadle-Blair, FIT writer and director

What the Schools Minister says about FIT

* “I am grateful to Stonewall for their work on this DVD which aims to tackle homophobic bullying in the classroom. We will continue to look for ways to ensure that no child or young person has to suffer as a result of bullying of any kind.” Vernon Coaker MP

What Stonewall supporters say about FIT

* "Thoughtful, relevant, full of impact and (above all) very, very entertaining!" Sam

* "Glad the screening was such a huge success - quite an emotional evening. I was thrilled that the production values were so high and the content so accessible and flexible - I'm sure that it is going to become a ground-breaking tool for schools. Money truly well-spent. I'm sooo proud of Stonewall, right now." Alex


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