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Travel: Tried & Tested

Wed 3 Aug, 2011
By Sam Bristowe

I wrote this book so that gay men can set out and find the city the fits them best and yes, that pun was intended

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Going Global

Nick Carvell takes a look at attitudes, rights and regulations affecting LGBT communities around the world.

‘Up Up and A Gay – We’re Boeing to Mardi Gras’

Australian budget airline Virgin Blue has decided to cash in on the pink pound ahead of Sydney’s annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras celebrations. Virgin Blue will be running a special flight catering for those attending Mardi Gras in Sydney. The flight from, Melbourne to Sydney, which takes roughly one hour will set the party goers back A$199 (Roughly £100)

Sydney voted best gay-friendly destination!

A survey of the worlds best gay-friendly cities has placed Sydney at the top of the list. The survey conducted by online travel agency, named Sydney for its plentiful gay bars and nightclubs in the Darlinghurst and Newtown areas, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Gay London App launched

A new iPhone app has been created in order to entice LGBT visitors to London by providing all relevant information to enjoy the experience to the max at the touch of a button, whilst on the move.

The Gay Travel Guide For Tops and Bottoms - A New Way For Gay Men To Travel

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The Gay Travel Guide For Tops And Bottoms by Drew Blancs has set the record for new release sales at Icon Empire Press.

The tongue in cheek look at gay travel based upon the sexual performance of the locals is a unique approach in travel review books. The research is done by two promiscuous gay male travellers (one exclusively top gay male and one exclusively bottom gay male).

The idea was created by Drew Blancs who became tired of the complaints of his top and bottom friends of their lack of finding compatible sex partners.

" I wrote this book so that gay men can set out and find the city the fits them best and yes, that pun was intended" says Drew Blancs, a frequent Los Angeles blogger and now first time author.

The book took over five years to complete due to the travel schedules of the two featured travellers. As the two narrators visit each country, they rated the local top or bottom gay men by sexual performance with up to a 5 point rating system. The book was able to determine which country had the best top and the best bottom gay male locals.

The Gay Travel Guide For Tops And Bottoms ($13.99) is available at most online retail bookstores.

Icon Empire Press is an publisher of literary works that set out to fulfill the understanding of the human spirit.

(ISBN 978-0-9869297-8-6)


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