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Fri 21 Sep, 2012
By Robert Ingham

Since the launch of the pilot service, hundreds of men have been contacted and given the opportunity to get tested and treated

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It’s like eating peanuts; have one and you want another straight away. You don’t enjoy them; you don’t even like them that much, but they’re there; so you have one after another, and then a few more, just because you can.” Meet Joseph, a bright, articulate and apparently self-composed man in his late 20s, describing the sexual compulsion he has lived with since his teens.

Drugs hasn't affected AIDS risk

The introduction of effective drugs against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has not changed gay men's risk of contracting the virus during a single act of anal sex, new research from Australia shows.

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So when some new sex toys for the ladies arrived in the office, all of the men wondered why shoe horns now vibrated.

Gays the word - I'm The Only Man Who Has Sex With Men In The Village

A study by Man Central has found that 54% of Gay And Bisexual Men Reject The Gay Label. The study finds,Modern society seems intent on labelling and defining everything and everyone. Whether it be chavs and emos, metrosexuals and fag-hags, scene queens and bears there seems to be a term to describe everyone. However, a new study reveals that 54% of gay and bisexual men don't like to be labelled as 'Gay' at all.

Now even easier to tell partners about STIs

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Clap, clap: Now more gay men can let their partners know about STIs.

GMFA launched their online partner notification service just over a year ago. The service allows gay men who have been diagnosed in key GU clinics to access a website, which can send messages to recent sexual partners via text, email or messages on gay dating websites. Since the launch of the pilot service, hundreds of men have been contacted and given the opportunity to get tested and treated, and the service continues to expand, with new clinics and gay dating services coming on board.

BBRT has recently joined Gaydar, Fitlads, Recon and Manhunt as one of the dating sites supporting the service.

Matthew Hodson, Head of Programmes at GMFA, said, "No one wants to hear that they may have an STI, but it's far better to know so that you can get tested and treated. The service that we provide is confidential and people can use it anonymously if they choose. The service is only available to men who have been diagnosed at one of the participating GU clinics, to ensure that the messages sent are genuine. Looking at the way that men have used the service shows that many men prefer to use our system, especially if they've had lots of sexual partners."

The most frequently notified infection has been gonorrhoea. Drug resistant gonorrhoea is becoming a serious issue for gay men in the UK and around the world, so rapid diagnosis and treatment is more crucial now than ever. Gonorrhoea, as well as other STIs, can increase the likelihood of HIV being transmitted, added Hodson. HIV positive men with gonorrhoea are more infectious and HIV negative men with gonorrhoea are more vulnerable to HIV infection. Getting gonorrhoea diagnosed and treated promptly will also help to reduce new HIV infections.

The Sexual Health Messaging Service is funded by a grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation. If you are diagnosed at a participating clinic you will be given a unique code, which you can use to access the website. From there you can enter any contact information that you have for your recent partners: mobile phone numbers, email or a profile name from a participating dating website. They will then be automatically sent a message, alerting them to the fact that they should get themselves checked out. The messages can be anonymous if you prefer, although if you put your name to it the recipient is more likely to take action.

For more information on the Sexual Health Messaging Service, including details about how to opt in on Gaydar, Recon and Fitlads, visit For more information on STIs visit


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