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Mon 8 Aug, 2011
By Sam Bristowe

The current ban makes no sense and locks out three million potentially safe donors from giving blood

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Gay blood donation petition launched

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A petition calling for an end to discrimination against gay and bisexual men in the National Blood Service has been launched on the Government's new e-petitions website.

The petition calls for the lifetime ban on MSM donors to be overturned and replaced with new donor screening based on scientific evidence. Current donation rules mean that any man who has ever had sex with another man, whether protected or unprotected, is banned from giving blood for the rest of their lives.

Many countries have already ditched their bans in favour of risk-based criteria.

Even a country as viciously homophobic as Russia, where Pride marches are broken up by police, no longer places a blanket ban on gay donors.

Petitions on the Government's new website need just 100,000 signatures from members of the public to be considered for debate in Parliament.

The petition can be found at: and current;y has more than 2,000 signatures.

The petition’s author Tom King, a student, said “I started this petition because it’s shameful that such discrimination still exists in the 21st Century.”

“The current ban makes no sense and locks out three million potentially safe donors from giving blood. The blood service is always looking for new donors and due to out-dated prejudice this shortage is being further exacerbated.”

“I hope that we’re able to reach the 100,000 threshold and have this petition considered for a debate and vote in parliament. It’s great that we have the opportunity to show the strength of feeling on this issue and hopefully we’ll end up with a National Blood Service which makes decisions based on science not prejudice as a result.”


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