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Thu 9 Sep, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

Whatever your story, chances are there are other guys who’ve been in similar situations and would benefit from hearing about it

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When too much is not enough - Sex Life

It’s like eating peanuts; have one and you want another straight away. You don’t enjoy them; you don’t even like them that much, but they’re there; so you have one after another, and then a few more, just because you can.” Meet Joseph, a bright, articulate and apparently self-composed man in his late 20s, describing the sexual compulsion he has lived with since his teens.

Drugs hasn't affected AIDS risk

The introduction of effective drugs against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has not changed gay men's risk of contracting the virus during a single act of anal sex, new research from Australia shows.

Yes, Yes, Yes

So when some new sex toys for the ladies arrived in the office, all of the men wondered why shoe horns now vibrated.

Gays the word - I'm The Only Man Who Has Sex With Men In The Village

A study by Man Central has found that 54% of Gay And Bisexual Men Reject The Gay Label. The study finds,Modern society seems intent on labelling and defining everything and everyone. Whether it be chavs and emos, metrosexuals and fag-hags, scene queens and bears there seems to be a term to describe everyone. However, a new study reveals that 54% of gay and bisexual men don't like to be labelled as 'Gay' at all.

Want to share your cruising stories?

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Do you find it tricky to cruise on the gay scene or online? Is there a cruising situation that you found difficult or that didn’t end the way you wanted it to?

When have you felt most confident when cruising and why was that? GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, is inviting gay men to share their experiences, and their thoughts on what makes for successful cruising, to include in a new HIV-prevention booklet about cruising for sex.

Some men seem to have no problem with cruising, and are confident enough to approach men they like and say no to sex they don’t want. Others might fear rejection, or end up having sex they later regretted. If you have a story you’d like to share, whether you feel it was a good or bad experience, you can post it anonymously on the GMFA blog at

The booklet will help men develop their cruising skills and make decisions that will protect themselves and their partners when cruising, whether in bars or clubs, online, or at cruising grounds. It will include advice on how to take control of the sex they have, say no to the sex they don’t want, and keep any sexual encounters they have safe.

Matthew Hodson, Head of Programmes at GMFA, comments: “We want to include lots of personal stories in the booklet to highlight the many different situations that men encounter. Whatever your story, chances are there are other guys who’ve been in similar situations and would benefit from hearing about it.”

Source: GMFA


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