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Fri 3 Sep, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

Xen-Tan truly is a revolution in getting that natural healthy summer glow that we all long for without having to splash out on a lavish holiday or fearing about the risks of skin cancer and sun damage

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Xen-Tan : The Ultimate Spray Tan

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On a dreary August afternoon I sat at my office desk longing for the much-awaited summer for that sun-kissed look and healthy glow to brighten up my dampened mood. However as the weather is bleak so is my dwindling bank balance, and my dreams begin to fade like my skin has faded into this ghostly white; but do not fear there is a solution to end this misery and that is XEN-TAN!

The Tanning

After being booked into the Beauty Essence salon in Mayfair, I braved the bellowing winds and spatters of rain and I headed west to get my fake tan fix.

Greeted by a sea of fresh olive toned faces, I dried off from the rain and prepared myself for my first ever spray tan with the wonderful Busi who was lovely, very polite and professional making the whole process highly enjoyable and comfortable.

As I mentioned before this is my first tan and I can’t help but feel a little bit apprehensive about the outcome; not to mention stripping down in the booth part. After a week of extensive exfoliating with Xen-Tan Body Scrub, the tanning began and 20 minutes later I was covered head to toe, in every nook and cranny, standing in a dripping solution in my undies and drying in front of a fan as I watched the brown solution trickle down my body. I had been Xen-Tanned.

I must admit this spray tanning business isn’t really me to be honest. Don’t get me wrong – I am a serial tanner, some may even class me as a ‘Tanorexic’, as its known, but having to slip on my jeans and head back to the other side of London feeling like I had had an accident isn’t really my idea of comfort. I much prefer to do it myself in the comfort of my home but there is no way that you receive the same quality outcome with a self applicator.

The Tan

The next day my sheets and clothes were covered in the brown solution but it all washed out fine just as it did on my skin. I jumped in the shower to see my streaks run off and swirl down the plug leaving an even golden tan over my entire body. I had tan lines again!

From a distance it all looked great but, like any tans out of a bottle, they will never land perfectly on once pale skin like the sun does. On closer inspection I found the inevitable – patches and streaks.

I found my hands and feet to still come up a bit orange and especially in my nail beds where the solution had gathered. Later I found my self walking down the street hiding my fingers in my sleeves so people continued to believe the tan was in fact from a nice break in the Caribbean and not a half-hour break in Mayfair.

Ladies, you probably wont have this problem but guys, I found the top of my legs where my hair was had gathered slightly leaving dark dots over the top part of my thighs.

I was ecstatic with my stomach and arms, both of which already had a natural tan from exposure through the odd UK ‘hot’ days. I found that the colours blended well to make a washboard stomach that would put Aussie surfers to shame. I also felt that is settled well on my face, which is always the major worry when tanning.

I attended a number of events where the question on everyone else’s pale lips was “Where have you been?” When I told them it was XEN-TAN they were all amazed by the natural undertone to the application and replied “I have to get one!”

The tan lasted for up to 10 days and gradually faded in a natural way and I am now begrudgingly back to my pasty self.

Xen-Tan truly is a revolution in getting that natural healthy summer glow that we all long for without having to splash out on a lavish holiday or fearing about the risks of skin cancer and sun damage.

Overall I do think the application and the colour tone is great and really suited me. I have many different tones all over my body due to uneven tanning and it did blend it to help gain that real glowing look.

But what is the secret to Xen-Tan's success in achieving that glowing look? They use an increased proportion of the main tanning ingredient DHA which is released slowly over time to give a deeper, richer olive tone that lasts longer. They do this by including a time releasing formula called Lexorez which allows them to use higher levels of DHA. Most of all though the base colour is green so you can kiss goodbye to that orange “Tangoed” look!

So now the secret it out there is no wonder why this is so popular with some of the world's best known celebrities. Saying that though I’m sure they have home visita to avoid the uncomfortable ‘accident’ feeling like I had.

If a full body tan is what you are after then I urge you to try Xen-Tan. This product truly is an EVERY season must have and I say ‘every season’ because as we all know - a tan never goes out of fashion.

Xen-Tans are available at a number of locations Nationwide. Click below to find your nearest salon:

I had mine done at:

Beauty Essence
40 Curzon St
London, W1

Full Body: £30
Half Body: £20


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