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Lifestyle: Coming Out

Wed 7 Jul, 2010
By Danielle Carter

I have got the most important things; My Hyundai, My Husband, My Happiness and my Health.

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My Coming Out Story by MC DEE

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Louie Spence goes toe-to-toe with Editor Danielle Carter.

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Louie Spence goes toe-to-toe with Editor Danielle Carter.

Louis Spence apparently pirouetted into our lives from the wings of no where. After years of teaching wannabe dancers the difference between good toes and naughty toes he has been catapulted into our conscious as the new King/Queen of reality TV. With more charisma than Maureen from Driving School and more longevity than the girl that said 'Chicken' in Big Brother a lot, he really is a belle du jour.

I had a chat with him at the place that has made him famous, infamous and infinitely fabulous - Pineapple Dance Studios, and he couldn't have been more fruity.

How do you feel about doing this interview and becoming an overnight success?

I don’t feel any different, I feel the same, It's fun. I am still six foot darling with a lisp.

Are you surprised by it?

I am surprised by the attention from the whole nation really and from the type of show it was especially for someone like me who I suppose is pretty full on. I am happy that I have all these builders giving me a wolf whistle and wanting me to give them a high kick. Surprised and Happy? Yes.

If it all ended tomorrow how would you feel about it?

I really wouldn’t give a shit, I am just having fun with it. I still look good, I have been doing this all my life, it's show business. I have got the most important things; My Hyundai, My Husband, My Happiness and my Health. It really, really wouldn’t bother me at all.

Are you still working?

Yeah I am still here doing what I do. It is something and nothing but I am still here.

Do you have any desire to leave?

No, I will take opportunities if they come up, if something good comes up I will do it but like all the people here (Pineapple Dance Studios) we are all actors or dancers or singers, often a member of staff will go off and do a show, that is how it works here.

What kind of reception have you had from the gay community?

I have had a good reception from everyone, to tell you the truth I don’t really go out that much anymore so I haven’t been to any clubs or anything but when I am walking down the gay strip, you know mincing down Compton Street everyone is really nice. To tell you the truth I don’t really care, I really don’t. I am very happy and content with who I am and like I said the people who love and care for me and who I care for love me. I have never been one of these people that needs to be friends with everybody, do you know what I mean? I am very confident in who I am but yes the response has been good from everyone.

And the gay community? I suppose there is a worry that they may look and think ‘he is so out there and so camp’ or whatever and he is going to take us back but that’s who I am. Some people are extrovert like me and some gay people act straight and some like cross dressing. Who gives a shit? I have been well received by everyone darling.

What was your coming out experience like?

I officially spoke to my parents about it when I was 19. It didn’t need speaking about, it was very obvious. No one didn’t know. I think the words ‘I’m gay’ came out when I was 19 but like I say my mum said she knew when she was about five and I knew there was something different. Look at the way I am darling I don’t think there was much questioning and if there was then people need to question themselves.

Did you find it difficult?

It was very easy, I had a very open minded family and we spoke about everything. I had great support where I lived everyone liked me, I didn’t find it hard at all.

Do you have any advice for anyone coming out that finds it difficult?

It is so different for everyone, for me it was very easy. Just be honest with yourself and until you can be truly who you are you will never be happy, as long as you are denying it something is in there that wants to get out, just let it out because you will be so much happier for it.

Listen babe, we are a community and there are loads of people out there, if the people that love you or are supposed to love you don’t love you anymore there are plenty out there who will so just get out and find some.

What is next for you? Do you have a big plan?

It is day-by-day, There is so much happening and there is so much coming in but it is show business and it is a pile of old crap and until people say you are doing this and you are out there doing it, who knows, who knows love. You know what I mean? I am having fun everyday.

Can you point out a highlight? I saw you on the Jonathan Ross show, was that a highlight for you?

I think it was a real highlight because it gave me so much media attention it was incredible, but a highlight for me is that I can walk down the street and I have only had three negative comments out of hundreds of thousands and when I say that I really mean it.
On Twitter I have 40,000 followers, on Facebook I have got over 80,000 and my website is packed. It is all so complementary people say that I make them smile, it is so great to be a gay person who is out there being who they are. I think that is the thing I am most proud of for someone who is how I am the whole nation has embraced me and that is great for every gay person or every person that is a little bit different, that is the biggest thrill for me.

Do you feel any kind of pressure to be a role model to the gay community?

No I don’t. I think we are all responsible for ourselves, I don’t want anyone to look at me and think that I am responsible for who they are, if I inspire people in anyway then that is fabulous but I am not taking responsibility for anyone else. I had to take responsibility for myself and my life. I know as gay people, I had it very easy and there are those that don’t but I had to do it myself. Life isn’t easy. Once you get over the fact you are out, some people are going to like you some people aren’t, decisions will be even harder but that is life. We need to be responsible for ourselves and love each other.

How are you nearest and dearest dealing with your new found fame?

My mums loving it she is getting loads of free facecream, botox, she can’t get enough of it darling. I mean she is loving it. One of my sisters isn’t because we said she wet the bed up until she was 17 on a TV show, she can’t go out anymore because everybody keeps calling her pissy knickers. They are living off the back of it, everyone is absolutely fine and loving it. I have an ebay shop now selling all the freebies.

Is there anyone you would like to meet?

Darling this is so typically gay man but I love Barbara Striesand, You can’t beat a bit of Babs she is truly amazing so if I had the chance to rub up against Babs that would be a treat.

Simon Cowell said how much he liked you and that he would like you to join the Britains Got Talent panel, is there any truth in that rumour?

I mean who knows, yes I think I would be great at it so I agree with Simon, he loves me and I love him.

40 years where will you be?

Darling I think I will be on those birthday cards you know with the old woman shimmying up the lamp post I will be heavily featured as an old person that is incontinent on a birthday card. That is where I will be but I will still be working and pulling it out of the bag somewhere, kicking and spliting.

Do you ever go to Pride?
I haven’t been to Pride for a couple of years I used to go there a lot and perform on stage with some of the artists. I am not very good in crowds and I get a bit panicky. I like being back stage where I had space and you know what I am so lazy I live in central London and I don’t get on a tube and you can’t drive cos you can’t park so then I’m off, if it is not central then no.

Out of all the celebrities who are the nicest, nastiest etc?

I always say Emma Bunton she is an absolute love and a good friend, Kate Moss is very sweet and very nice too. Who do I fancy? Just give me the whole of the England football team babe, coming up to the world cup I will cheer them up.


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