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Fri 27 Aug, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

I love it. I love the boys. I want them to be friends. I want them to be a gay couple and adopt kids!

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Adam Lambert Bi-curious?

New guy on the block Adam Lambert has revealed in an interview that it isn’t only the men he plays with

Sarah Silverman speaks about equal rights

Outspoken comedienne Sarah Silverman has made her viewpoints on equality very clear as she stated she wouldn’t marry her new boyfriend until the LGBT community are granted the same rights.

R-Patz hates women partz

Valentines Day was bitter sweet for many girls around the globe as twilight sensation Robert Pattinson hinted that he may be gay.

GLAAD aren’t so glad with Mayer

John Mayer has recently found himself in a bit of trouble with the minority groups after his controversial interview with Playboy magazine and now gay rights groups are asking for an apology regarding his derogatory language.

Comeback goes Brokeback

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The much anticipated reunion of music’s greatest Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow have now released their first video together after falling out over 15 years ago, the boys are back in true Take That style toying with homosexuality, releasing a video with a real camp feel to it, which is sure to get tongues wagging and people talking about the new single “Shame.”

The pair have come back to our screens with a true tongue and cheek video based on the hit 2005 film Brokeback Mountain, which saw two male cowboys fall in love with one another.

Taking the idea of “bromance” to the next level the boys are seen gazing into one another’s eyes before ripping off their clothes and heading towards the rocks.

Whilst viewers are left to believe the pair are doing the naughty it is revealed that they are just climbing for a place to dive into the river before ultimately whimping out of the jump.

Close as ever the boys are back on the road on a promotional tour for the debut single after reuniting since the 1993 fall out, according to the Mirror reportedly said about the moment they kissed and made up: "I spent the last 15 years thinking what I was going to say.

We 'ad that big chat and the most amazing thing happened at the end of it, we both said sorry to each other and we both meant it."

"It was the start of a very magical 18 months that we've had since then, writing songs together, getting to know each other. It's nice being able to be grown-ups and hear each other and say sorry because not many people can do that."

"All these things had been built up for so long, they just sounded stupid as they were coming out. We just needed to sit opposite each other and talk. I must say I had a good sleep after that."

"I think we had a lot of guilt, the four of us, because Rob was the youngest, the most impressionable of all of us. We always felt like we didn't look after him enough. If there was one big thing we sat and regretted it was always that."

The video and song has had mixed reviews from fans a press alike with many taking a different take at the insinuated gay storyline. Editor of Attitude magazine, Matthew Todd, reportedly said about it: “A few gay people say they're uncomfortable with the Shame video. They feel it takes the mickey out of gay relationships and one of the best-loved gay films. But I love it. I love the boys. I want them to be friends. I want them to be a gay couple and adopt kids! If they can't do that, then this is just fun. It won't upset fans. They're not boyfriends in real life. Sadly!


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