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Mon 9 Aug, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

Derek has always presented and dressed himself well - it doesn't mean he is gay

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Derek is not gay and is happy with Cheryl

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Cheryl Cole’s new beau come dancing superstar Derek Hough has had his nearest and dearest insist that he isn’t gay and very much happy with his very own Geordie lass.

Members of Dancing With The Stars pro family have reportedly spoken out and informed the press that Derek isn’t gay and him and Cheryl are serious.

Since splitting with her estranged husband Ashley Cole earlier this year over infidelity the X-Factor just come nations sweetheart confided in her friend Hough and have since begun a romance.

Since seeing Hough, the Parachute singer has met his sister Julianne and is soon to meet his parents.

Rumours are even rife that she is intending to move to live with him in Los Angeles.

According to the News of the World, a source said: "Julianne is a huge fan of Cheryl and thinks she is gorgeous. Julianne and Derek are the best of friends and so her opinion really matters to him.

"She and Cheryl have a lot in common with their singing backgrounds - and Derek is overjoyed about them getting on so well."

The paper also reported that Derek's grandfather Don Heaton said: "I know Derek is going out with Cheryl - she is his girlfriend over in England. I heard that she was sick, and Derek helped her.

"She is pretty and looks a bit like the girl before (Derek's ex-girlfriend, American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth)."

When discussing his grandson’s sexuality he insisted that he isn’t gay despite the constant speculation and rumours.

"He is not gay in any way, by any stretch of the imagination.

"Derek has always presented and dressed himself well - it doesn't mean he is gay.

"He has worked his butt off to get where he is today."


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