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Wed 4 Aug, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

I really fancied him from the moment he came on stage. We hit it off straight away, there was a definite spark between us

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I was Joe's first and only kiss

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After Joe McElderry came out about his sexuality last week and revealed to the nation that he had shared a kiss with one other boy in the past, it wasn’t shock on our minds it was to find this man who helped him realise who he is and The Sun has managed to find him.

In the number of interviews the X-Factor winner gave about his new open and truthful life he disclosed that he had shared one romantic moment with another man before the contest but hadn’t thought anymore of it as he focused on embarking on his pop career.

Sean Ryan, a model and hairdresser, explained how he met the Geordie lad backstage after seeing him audition in front of the four judges and was blown away by his looks and flawless performance.

Sean, 23, was instantly attracted to the 19-year-old claiming him to be his “exact type” and found him back stage.

"He was my kind of guy, handsome with dark eyes. I really fancied him from the moment he came on stage. We hit it off straight away, there was a definite spark between us.”

After the initial meeting the pair, both from South Shields, reportedly began to text and call one another before arranging an evening meal in Newcastle where they almost kissed after Sean dropped Joe home: "He was shy and turned away when I leaned towards him. I could see he had the uncertainty I had felt at his age."

Following a night out the pair headed back Joe’s place where the pair eventually shared a kiss, the Sun reports: "I got up to go home. I turned round and he made the first move and kissed me. It was definitely the first time he'd kissed a guy because he told me. He said he'd kissed a few girls but never had sex. It was a long passionate kiss. But that was all that happened and I left."

The next day Joe invited Sean back around to his for a night in front of the TV kissing and cuddling as his mum was out that evening.

Sean began to get very smitten with the singer and suggested a serious relationship, however Joe amicably texted back to express he want to focus on his music career: "Joe sent me a really nice text back. He said he didn't want to be in a serious relationship but if he had wanted to it would be with me. He said he couldn't commit to anything because he was so focused on the X Factor. I was disappointed but it was great that he was so honest about it."

Since Joe’s rise to fame after winning the ITV singing show, Sean has continued to keep silent about their delicate past until Joe was ready to talk about it. When he came out he was honest and confirmed his actions with another man prior to the show were spoken of honestly.

Sean praised him for his bravery to come out in the public eye: "He's been brave. It can't have been easy doing that in the public eye."

Photo: The Sun


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