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Fri 16 Jul, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

Lance looked like the cat with the cream to be up close and personal with a hunk lusted after by the gay community

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Ronaldo parties in NY gay quarter with Lance Bass

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Gay mans dream and straight football star Cristiano Ronaldo has been reportedly be out partying with gay pop star Lance Bass.

The Madrid star, 25, has long been connected to rumours surrounding his sexuality and with this latest outing with the out pop star, it has added fire to the flame for people believing that Ronaldo does infact play for the other side.

According to The Daily Star, Ronaldo and Bass, from *Nsync, were spotted out together in New York’s gay district, Tribeca.

The former Manchester United player headed to New York with his Russian lingerie model girlfriend Irinia Shayk, after Portugal’s World Cup fail.

However, he was later spotted out without his Russian beaut as he headed to the city’s famous gay district.

An eye witness who saw the pair, reportedly said to the paper: “They were having a ball. Cristiano seemed very happy.

“Lance looked like the cat with the cream to be up close and personal with a hunk lusted after by the gay community.”

Lance. 31, came out as gay in 2006 and Ronaldo has forever been the centre of gay jibes due to his metrosexual look with his pearly whites, chizzlled body, sun kissed tan and his sense of fashion. This perception has never fazed the Armani underwear model though, saying: “I’m at ease with my sexuality so it’s not a problem for me.”

On he was voted as the ultimate gay icon, with the site claiming: “Ronaldo looks like any gay man’s dream.”


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