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Fri 2 Jul, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

It's always been my dream to be there. I have a zillion mates there from Perth in London, not to mention my addiction to ‘skins’, and grassy meadows, and sexy English boys with sexy English humor

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Pinkwire talks to new Aussie group Scarlett Belle

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Australia has graced us with the likes of the Minogue’s, Natalie Imbruglia and The Veronicas, now our friends Down Under have a new pop act under their sleeve, Scarlett Belle and are already kicking up a storm in Australia. Pinkwire caught up with the pop duo act to find out if they will be heading our way and to see how it all began.

Scarlett Belle, is two girls, Reigan Derry and Tamara Jaber and they have just released their debut single, Closure, in Australia after four years in the studio between home and the US where they caught up in a bidding war between two leading international record labels, Island Records and Def Jam.

When asked how it all began, one half of the duo, Reigan Derry, 21, said: “Tamara did Popstars in 2001 and I did Australian Idol in 2006 and she saw me over the internet, and got in contact with me.

I think she had a mini crush, but disguised it with business by saying she wanted to meet for music purposes.”

She adds: “So I flew over to try out for this ‘girl group project’ she was working on, and when she found out I was staying at a backpackers, she sent a car to come collect me and bring me to her mansion on the river. I met her at the front door, met the grand piano shortly after and then we jammed and connected musically and I've been eating out of her fridge since.”

The girls have experienced a real journey together and it is clear to see the strong bond they have. Throughout the years of hard work they have had the pleasure of working with some of the industry’s greats, to create songs with a real hook using their melodic voices and harmonies to complement one another. In the previous years they have worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Neyo and Startgate to name a few.

The girls returned to Australia to begin a new record deal with Sony BMG in Australia and New Zealand and began to create even more music.

With an accolade of music and talent under their belt the girls are destined for a promising future. With the Aussie nation once again creating a great array of talent for the gay community to dance the night away to.

Scarlett Belle hope to continue their journey in the UK soon as Reigan explains: “We hope to release in the UK. Depends on whether we get picked up there. It's always been my dream to be there. I have a zillion mates there from Perth in London, not to mention my addiction to ‘skins’, and grassy meadows, and sexy English boys with sexy English humor.”

Scarlett Belle’s debut single, Closure, is out in Australia now and available on iTunes.

Other material from the girls can be found on YouTube page – scarlettbellemusic

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