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Thu 1 Jul, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

Without the UK I might still be dressing up as an abortion in some underground club in New York

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Adam Lambert Bi-curious?

New guy on the block Adam Lambert has revealed in an interview that it isn’t only the men he plays with

Sarah Silverman speaks about equal rights

Outspoken comedienne Sarah Silverman has made her viewpoints on equality very clear as she stated she wouldn’t marry her new boyfriend until the LGBT community are granted the same rights.

R-Patz hates women partz

Valentines Day was bitter sweet for many girls around the globe as twilight sensation Robert Pattinson hinted that he may be gay.

GLAAD aren’t so glad with Mayer

John Mayer has recently found himself in a bit of trouble with the minority groups after his controversial interview with Playboy magazine and now gay rights groups are asking for an apology regarding his derogatory language.

Scissor Sisters pay tribute to Britain for our acceptance

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Camp and eccentric singer Jake Shears has revealed that the success of his band the, Scissor Sisters, is mainly down to Britain embracing him and his alternative music, image and even make up.

Boundary pushers, Scissor Sisters, were welcomed to the shores of the mighty UK with open arms as the burst of fresh air arrived on the music scene and sprinkled glitter down the length and breadth of the UK.

The US is often accused of taking time to those who are a little more alternative than others and It wasn’t always easy for the band for that very reason, as Jake, explains to Q Magazine, as he pays to tribute Britain for accepting him in all his gay glory, "Without the UK I might still be dressing up as an abortion in some underground club in New York.

"The UK has made me a respectable career person."

Equally ‘out there’ bandmate, Ana Matronic added: This is the country that made us. Until you took to us in the UK, we were just a bunch of strangely dressed weirdos."

The only women among three gay men can prove to be hard work as Matronic explains: "I used to be the only woman on the bus. Then a couple of years ago there were three gay boys upstairs talking about sex and flatulence.I walked downstairs and the straight crew guys were talking about t**s and flatulence. I said to the tour manager, 'I need a woman on this bus.I don't care if she's a lesbian truck driver that I have nothing in common with or not, but we need oestrogen on here'. I got my wish."

In another interview with Us Magazine, the singer was asked if he felt the frosty reception from in native country of America, may have something to do with many of the members of the bad being gay, to which he replied: “It's just like, sexuality is a big part of who we are. I would never do a trade-in to have less of ourselves and more fame. It sounds like a really unpleasant, horrible person to me. I guess I don’t think it's our problem, it may be other people's problems, but it's not ours.”

They later asked, what he felt about all the other stars today coming out as gay or bisexual “Well, I am. That’s all I can say, is I know I am. I have no problem with people being more candid about who they are sexually, so I think that the more it's out in the open, the better. So hopefully if I throw it around, maybe it will inspire somebody else to throw it around as well -- which I encourage greatly!”


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