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Wed 7 Apr, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

In our show’s final season, we’re very proud to present a storyline about Betty’s teenage nephew, ‘Justin,’ coming to terms with his sexual identity in high school

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Ugly Betty to air coming out story

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This week in the US, Ugly Betty will air the episode we have all been waiting for as her nephew Justin comes out as gay after experiencing a love interest with another boy.

As the smash US hit series comes to an end in the States on its fourth and final series the writes begin to tie up all the story lines, with one of those being the sexuality of Justin, who is played by Mark Indelicato.

Without giving too much away for us slow-coaches in the UK, but the fourth season has already seen the teenager battle his feelings of rejection as he comes to terms with his sexuality. Justin has been caught kissing his same-sex love interest Austin, played by Ryan McGinnis, and in this weeks episode we see the character admit and come out about his sexual orientation.

The writers of the New York based fashion show, sent the following letter to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN):

“In our show’s final season, we’re very proud to present a storyline about Betty’s teenage nephew, ‘Justin,’ coming to terms with his sexual identity in high school. That storyline reaches its peak in our April 7 episode.

“We hope you’ll watch this episode; maybe even gather a group of friends to watch it with you. As a supporter, you’ll be proud to know that GLSEN is mentioned prominently. But what’s even more important is that GLSEN’s message about safe schools for all students — LGBT, questioning or otherwise — is at the heart of Justin’s story.

“While we're saddened that Ugly Betty’s four-season run will be coming to an end this spring, we think America learned a lot about the different dimensions of gay and
transgender lives. It certainly has been an entertaining, exciting and interesting ride for us.

“Your support for GLSEN is making real storylines, just like Justin’s, possible in schools all over our country. We applaud the work you do, and hope you’ll be watching with all of us at Ugly Betty as we help our much-loved Justin take the next step in his personal coming out journey.”


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