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Tue 23 Mar, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

I think we have pushed boundaries so much that it would be a cop-out to wrap it all up in a civil partnership and adopt an Afghan baby

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Openly gay actor John Partridge has been criticized after his controversial interview in the latest issue of gay magazine, Attitude.

Many have been outraged by the comments made by the actor, with campaign group Mediawatch, voicing their concerns after he suggested the scriptwriters should continue to push boundaries on gay issues.

Along with the candid words from the star, who suggested a threesome story line for the East London set soap, he also took part in a provocative photo shoot with another male model, with photos of him holding the other man on a leash on all fours.

Soap character Christian, played by Partridge, has been involved in the gay Muslim love affair story that has had the nation gripped, especially when it came to the ultimatum he offered lover, Syed Masood (Marc Elliott), at his wedding on New Years Day.

When asked in the interview, what lies ahead for the gay lothario of Albert Square, he said: "Part of me would like to see Christian and Syed have the first civil partnership in the soap.

"But there is also another part of me that would like to see them have to deal with things that aren't associated with being a heterosexual couple - the infidelity, the threesomes, the side of gay culture that's not necessarily viewed at 7.30pm.

"I think we have pushed boundaries so much that it would be a cop-out to wrap it all up in a civil partnership and adopt an Afghan baby."

Mediawatch were said to be shocked by the suggestion made by Partridge and automatically dismissed the idea, insisting it would never be allowed on a show before the watershed.

Director of Mediawatch, Vivienne Pattison, reportedly told the Daily Star: "This type of storyline would be wholly inappropriate for a pre-watershed show. Thank goodness Mr Partridge isn't a scriptwriter."

Following the controversiy caused by the interview, a spokesman for EastEnders released a statement: “The views expressed by John Partridge in the magazine are very much his own and at this stage we have no such storylines as the ones he suggests planned.”

Pick up the latest addition of Attitude Magazine to read the full interview with Johhny Partridge.

EastEnders is on BBC 1 at 19:30 on Tuesday and Thursday and 20:00 on Monday and Friday.


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