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Tue 16 Mar, 2010
By Danielle Carter

She rather the child die than "have that type of life."

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Singer says she would rather children die than be given to gays

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Mexican singer Paquita la del Barrio is speaking out about her views on homosexuality and on gays adopting kids.

According to Paquita, she rather have a kid DIE than be adopted by a gay couple.

During an interview with Univision, Paquita said:

“Eso está muy mal. Ninguna pareja gay debe adoptar una criatura.

… Sí, que se muera, mejor que se muera el niño que tener esa vida".

Basically telling the reporter that gays adopting is wrong and that no gay couple should ever adopt a child. She rather the child die than "have that type of life."

The 62-year-old validates her point by saying that the child would grow up confused not knowing who to call mom and who to call dad.

Though she did try to make herself look better by saying she has nothing against gay marriage. Just against gays trying to adopt a child!


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