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Mon 31 Mar, 2014
By Robert Ingham

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Adam Lambert Bi-curious?

New guy on the block Adam Lambert has revealed in an interview that it isn’t only the men he plays with

Sarah Silverman speaks about equal rights

Outspoken comedienne Sarah Silverman has made her viewpoints on equality very clear as she stated she wouldn’t marry her new boyfriend until the LGBT community are granted the same rights.

R-Patz hates women partz

Valentines Day was bitter sweet for many girls around the globe as twilight sensation Robert Pattinson hinted that he may be gay.

GLAAD aren’t so glad with Mayer

John Mayer has recently found himself in a bit of trouble with the minority groups after his controversial interview with Playboy magazine and now gay rights groups are asking for an apology regarding his derogatory language.

Disney's Frozen 'has a gay agenda'

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Frozen recently made news when Pastor Kevin Swanson claimed that Walt Disney had filled it with plenty of gay agenda items even though he had never seen it, but now the Oscar winning animated film has made history as it becomes the number one animated film of all time. That’s extremely impressive as the film’s only been out since late last autumn, but it is also currently holds the number ten spot on the biggest global blockbusters list making it the first billion dollar film from the Walt Disney Animation unit.

Frozen has been in theatres for four months and this weekend passed Toy Story 3 along with Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ($1.66 billion), and it’s closing in on The Dark Knight Rises ($1.84 billion).

So according to Swanson and his radio sidekick Steve Vaughn, Frozen is looking to turn the world gay, or open to bestiality since people keep flocking to it.

Heck, Kathryn Skaggs of A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman saw the film 3 times with her grandchildren showing how it was irresistible even to her.

Here’s what they had to say about the ‘progressive agenda’ they cited in Frozen.

"I could blatantly see that the homosexual agenda, to normalise the practice, was not simply an underlying message in the movie Frozen, but is the actual story. The process of normalising homosexual behaviour in society is going to require more than the liberal media saying it is so — which they do all the time — or activist judges legalising same-sex marriage in one state after another. It’s going to require the indoctrination of our children, in order to lead the their generation to the next, necessary, level of mainstream social acceptance…I’m not okay that too many parents, who would not normally support the normalisation of homosexual behaviour, seem to be completely blind to its advocacy throughout a children’s movie, and are in fact gushing over Frozen."

The Oscar-winning song Let It Go seems to be the sticking point for all concerned as they see it as a coming out song for Elsa. They also point out that Jonathan Groff’s Sven is a little to close to his animal buddy for comfort. You gotta love how these people quickly call gay people perverts, but they seem to be the only ones looking for perversion in an animated Disney film. Says quite a bit about them.

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