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Mon 18 Jul, 2011
By Sam Bristowe

Then I realised that my testimony could help people. I wanted to talk about how important it is to honour your identity. Applause is addictive but you need a moment of silence

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Ricky Martin talks coming out

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Ricky Martin has revealed all about the moment he came out to the world and continued on his professional career and role as a father to his twins as an openly gay man.

The Latino lothario has had a manic few years recently after he came to terms about his sexuality and how to be a good father to his two boys Matteo and Valentino born via a surrogate partner.

The Livin La Vida Loca singer has revealed that he struggled to come terms with his sexuality in the past and even under wet therapy to help cope with the stress.

In an exclusive interview with the Metro, he said: I did a little bit [therapy].

I did a lot of reading. And I was fine with my surroundings. Then I realised that my testimony could help people. I wanted to talk about how important it is to honour your identity. Applause is addictive but you need a moment of silence and that’s when I came to all these conclusions, when I took some time off. Silence is important. It’s why I do a lot of yoga.

Martin revealed that he still holds a close relationship with his parents and especially with his mother, who owns an apartment closely to his home and often helps out with his sons each morning, who both proved to be supportive of his realisation: “My mum and dad were both really happy. My father’s a very smart man, he’s a psychologist. He said: ‘Stand up. Give me a hug. Give me a kiss. Get out of this room, go out there and be happy.’ My mother as well. She was like: ‘And…?’ Like she didn’t know already.”

Not every one was as accepting of the singers ‘alternative’ lifestyle though, as he explains: “I had one friend who freaked out and said: ‘OK, bye then… next.’ It’s funny, because she was a hippy and a party animal but she freaked out. But I needed to come out, first to my family, then to my friends. Actually, first to my friends, then to my family, that’s the way it usually goes, right? Then to the world.

Rumours surrounding the singer and his sexuality were rife since the moment Ricky and his snake hips graced out TV screens but the star insists he wasn’t living a lie: “Since I came out a lot of people have said: ‘Were you living a lie?’ I don’t think I was. Was I feeling things with women? I was. And I was fully functional.”

He went on to confirm that his current boyfriend is Carlos González and the man seen with him in the famous speedo beach shots is not his boyfriend nor is it his personal trainer so the mystery man remains just that – a mystery.


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