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Thu 21 Apr, 2011
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If there's one conversation about a young, gay man parenting in a positive way that's got to be a good thing

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Corrie star proud of gay dad storyline

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Antony Cotton is proud of Coronation Street's new gay dad storyline.

In this weekend's Easter special Antony's character Sean Tully heads to London to visit his three-year-old son Dylan, and bumps into his ex Marcus Dent (Charlie Condou) which leads to them raising his child together as parents.

Antony told New! magazine of the storyline: "It's two men pushing a buggy down a street - it's modern life.

And if nothing else it will give people something to talk about.

"If there's one conversation about a young, gay man parenting in a positive way that's got to be a good thing."

And the 35-year-old gay actor - who lives in Lancashire with his partner of six years, props buyer Peter Eccleston, 32 - doesn't care about viewers who think children should be raised by a mother and father.

He said: "It's a terribly old-fashioned view. Gay people are the same as anybody else.

"As long as two people are happy and offer a child unconditional love, I don't see what the problem is."

While Antony has no plans to become a parent himself he said he loves working with the children who play his son in Corrie.

He said: "The identical twins who play my three-year-old son are so cute. I kept trying to get them to pick up some of my mannerisms. In one scene I did a flamboyant shrug, and the little boy did the same when it was his shot."

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