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Tue 5 Apr, 2011
By Sam Bristowe

In the whole 10 years of being in the band, we've never done a photoshoot like this. We've never even done a topless shoot

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Boyband Blue bare all

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Boyband Blue are very much back on the scene as they prepare to take centre stage at the Eurovision next month, but this is not before making their top shelf debut as the cheeky boys stripped for gay magazine Attitude.

Ahead of next months Euro song contest, the four Blue boys, Duncan James, Simon Webb, Lee Ryan and Anthony Costa have bared all to Attitude readers in a candid interview and smoldering photoshoot.

Duncan, who came out as bisexual during the bands break, said in the interview: "We've never done anything like this before - ever.

"In the whole 10 years of being in the band, we've never done a photoshoot like this.

We've never even done a topless shoot."

Talking about his newly open sexuality, he said: "I can sleep with a guy or a girl quite easily... I do find women attractive. I have no problem getting an erection."

The boys have still remained modest in the photoshoot and haven’t given us readers a full eyeful as the now grown boys fear about their children’s reactions.

Webb, who has a daughter, reportedly said about the shoot: "It's not something I'd do. I've got a daughter. She's 14 and I've got to think about her putting up with it in the playground," he said.

The Blue issue of Attitude will go on sale next Tuesday and the boys will be representing the UK at the Eurovision song contest next month with their new single ‘I Can’.

Photos: Attitude Magazine


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