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Tue 29 Jun, 2010
By Danielle Carter

She didn't die quickly and she didn't die easily.

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Gay Soldiers shouldnt command troops say's Brazillian General.

A Brazilian general’s comment that gay soldiers should not be allowed to command troops sparked fierce criticism today from gay rights groups and a national lawyers’ organisation that champions human rights


Sarah Jessica Parker has given away her tickets to the Sex and the City 2 premier in a bid to raise money for equal LGBT rights.

Five arrested in Kenya over gay wedding

Kenya police on Friday arrested five suspected homosexuals in a coastal resort town after hundreds of residents protested over a planned gay wedding, a local official said.

Prop 8 to be made into a film

Seeking to overcome a broadcast blackout imposed by the US Supreme Court, a pair of Los Angeles filmmakers have undertaken the task of faithfully recreating the federal trial on California’s same-sex marriage ban for the internet – all 60-plus hours of it; every “um,” “yes, your honour” and “objection!”

No proof in Sydney lesbian killer case

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The case against a woman accused of killing her lesbian lover has not "come within a bull's roar" of proof beyond reasonable doubt, a court has heard.

Defence counsel Bill Boucaut told the South Australian Supreme Court on Tuesday that the evidence against Francis "Frankie" Lorraine Marshall amounted to a collation of highly suspicious bits and pieces in relation to the death of Bernadette Liston in 2002.

"But there is nothing cogent here, certainly nothing that makes this anything other than a very dangerous prosecution," Mr Boucaut said in his final submissions.

"This case doesn't get past mere suspicion and it doesn't come within a bull's roar of proof beyond reasonable doubt."

Marshall, 63, has been accused of the frenzied killing of Ms Liston at their Victor Harbor home, south of Adelaide.

The prosecution has alleged the 46-year-old was stabbed, had her throat cut and was bashed and shot five times because she was planning to run off with Marshall's brother, Daryl Purcell.

It has admitted the case is largely circumstantial with a key issue being some bloody ugg-boot footprints found near Ms Liston's body.

But Mr Boucaut said Marshall didn't know of the alleged affair between Ms Liston and her brother and the evidence of her owning or wearing ugg boots at Victor Harbor was inconclusive.

He also told Justice Margaret Nyland, who is sitting without a jury, that forensic evidence was of no help and the prosecution's case had not ruled out the murder being committed by an intruder.

In his final submissions prosecutor Mark Norman said the killing of Ms Liston was brutal and sadistic and took the killer some time.

"It doesn't put it too highly to say that Bernadette Liston was butchered," he said.

"She didn't die quickly and she didn't die easily."

Justice Nyland has reserved her judgment to a date to be fixed.


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