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Thu 29 Apr, 2010
By Danielle Carter

If gay marriage were legalized, it would result in an escalation of kids becoming gay

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Gay Soldiers shouldnt command troops say's Brazillian General.

A Brazilian general’s comment that gay soldiers should not be allowed to command troops sparked fierce criticism today from gay rights groups and a national lawyers’ organisation that champions human rights


Sarah Jessica Parker has given away her tickets to the Sex and the City 2 premier in a bid to raise money for equal LGBT rights.

Five arrested in Kenya over gay wedding

Kenya police on Friday arrested five suspected homosexuals in a coastal resort town after hundreds of residents protested over a planned gay wedding, a local official said.

Prop 8 to be made into a film

Seeking to overcome a broadcast blackout imposed by the US Supreme Court, a pair of Los Angeles filmmakers have undertaken the task of faithfully recreating the federal trial on California’s same-sex marriage ban for the internet – all 60-plus hours of it; every “um,” “yes, your honour” and “objection!”

Closing date for Prop 8 trial confirmed

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The closing arguments for the controversial Prop 8 trial, which decides the fate of gay marriage in California, have finally been set for June 16th.

Justice Vaughn Walker set the June court date on Wednesday, along with a supplemental date of May 9 as the deadline for the defendants, the Prop 8 supporters, to "suppress testimony" by one of the few witnesses they called to the stand, San Francisco extreme-right leaning minister, Dr. Tam.


Tam famously admitted to the court his belief that if gay marriage were legalized, it would result in an escalation of kids becoming gay, an unsubstantiated notion.

His testimony is a definitive example the prosecution could reference to tie the proposition to social prejudice against a minority group. This would quite possibly cast a negative shadow of bigotry (duh) over the Prop 8 proponent's defense, thus sparking the recent dialogue.

Suppressing the testimony, i.e. erasing incriminating parts of the testimony, makes the bigots look slightly less, well, bigoty or bigot-like. Which is probably what they will try to do.

At least now, we all know the concrete date the final arguments will be presented to the court, bringing us all one step closer to the ruling on the fate of tens of thousands of law-abiding, peaceful, tax-paying, contributors to the State of California who just want to love, share, feel equal, and have the same rights as everyone else.


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