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Wed 24 Feb, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

These men have not only undermined the integrity of the athlete, but also those of gays and heterosexuals who do not conform to social stereotypes.

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LGBT group angry over homophobic presenters

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Following the controversy surrounding the homophobic comments made by sports presenter during the Winter Olympics, it has angered an LGBT group in Quebec and they want an apology.

The Quebec Council of gays and lesbians (CQGL) is demanding an apology from the presenters Alain Goldberg and Claude Mailhot.

The two French-speaking presenters joked about the American skating stars masculinity on RDS. The pair, who joked the skater should take a gender test, have come under fire from the gay rights group who are outraged by the comments.

Two presenters for Australia’s Channel Nine have also found themselves on thin ice after making gay jibe about the skater live on air. Eddie McGuire, who is Official Winter Olympics correspondent for Channel Nine, made jokes with his co-host, Mick Molloy, about the sexuality of Johnny Weir. 
Whilst reporting they said “They don't leave anything in the closet either, do they? Not even their tutus, jazz hands, silk shirts or flaming homosexuality - but seriously dude, kids are watching.”

Weir has brushed off the comments by all presenters.

However the CQGL isn’t so forgiving. They released a letter asking for to publicly apologise. It was released on the website and translated as the following:

The Quebec Council of gays and lesbians (CQGL) wishes to express its indignation following the remarks outrageous and homophobic by Messrs. Alain Goldberg and Claude Mailhot under the program "The Wake Olympic" broadcast February 17 at the RDS. The CQGL demands public apology from these people for their offensive and derogatory comments against the figure skater Johnny Weir and his appearance at his performance in the short program held the previous day.

For CQGL, it is unacceptable that a sports commentator and host can mock and denigrate so an athlete based on his appearance. Throughout the exchange, Mailhot and Goldberg, while recognizing the right to Weir to be what it is, make a rule out not only against the negative effects that Weir left on his sport, but also questioning the need to take tests to determine Weir for his masculinity. 

Among the words, each more insulting each other, Alain Goldberg goes to say that Weir leaves a rather bitter for figure skating, it is a very bad example, because the world will think that all boys who play the sport will become like him. In short, this is not the desired image for the sport. Worse still, the stooges Mailhot and Goldberg argue with the fact that Weir should undergo tests to check their masculinity or femininity and the facilitator to consider whether Weir should not be competing in women. 

"These men have not only undermined the integrity of the athlete, but also those of gays and heterosexuals who do not conform to social stereotypes. By their words, they perpetuate their own prejudices against homosexuals. Even more surprising when one considers that one of them was Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport "stated Mr. Foster, CEO of the Quebec Council of gays and lesbians. "But even sadder, for their comments, they come to overshadow the Olympic spirit and their respective professions" concluded Steve Foster.


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