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Wed 24 Mar, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

Can we stop for a second? I'd almost like to start completely from scratch

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Exclusive – Angela Eagle MP praises first ever LGBT History Month Magazine

Exclusive – Angela Eagle MP praises first ever LGBT History Month Magazine

The UKs first ever LGBT History Month magazine is being launched with the support of Angela Eagle

EasyJet offers free flight to Pope (Plus Speedy Boarding)

Budget airline EasyJet yesterday offered to fly Pope Benedict XVI to the UK following the recent controversy surrounding his viewpoints on British Equality laws and estimated cost of his visit.

Anger of The Sun gay minister survey

The Sun has caused havoc after publishing a poll yesterday asking whether gay people should be allowed to be cabinet ministers.

Harman confirms discrimination law bid dropped

The Government will not push through proposals that churches argue would restrict their ability to deny jobs to gay people and transsexuals, Equality Minister Harriet Harman has confirmed.

Blue Cameron left red-faced over gay issues

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David Cameron found himself in a 'spot of bother' during an interview with Gay Times, where he was quizzed on his parties stance on gay issues.

In the cringing televised interview with the publication, the Tory leader found himself stumbling over the questions put forward to him and was often left hesitating.

When asked how is party felt about gay issues the leader struggled to make eye contact with the interviewer. He was later asked on how his MEPs voted when the overturn of "Lithuania's Section 28" within his party.

In the 1980s the Conservative party brought into action Section 28, a law that openly banned the "promotion of homosexuality" in schools. When Cameron repealed the law in 2003, many members of his party criticised the decision to overturn the law and voted against the action, indicating that homophobia still lies within the Tory party.

When asked in the interview about this fact, the potential Prime Minster awkwardly answered in between stutters: "I don't know about that particular vote. What I do know is that we have made very clear our own views about Section 28 in this country - I couldn't have been more clear about that."

Asked why he didn’t make his party vote in favour, he said: "Um, well, I don't - I mean the trouble is you're - I mean, I'll have to go back and look at this particular law.

Continuing to squirm in his chair Cameron states that his party should be allowed the chance for a “free vote” but then later contradicts himself as he later stated that day equality was a fundamental right and votes should be whipped on this issue.

After appearing visibly flustered, a red-faced Cameron asked "Can we stop for a second? I'd almost like to start completely from scratch."

He later told Channel 4 News:

"No-one should be in any doubt that the Conservative party abhors homophobia, that we support equal rights, that we support civil partnerships, that we think that part of being a strong central right party in Britain today.
"One of the bedrock issues is being in favour of proper equality for people, whether they are straight or gay, or black or white, or men or women, or whether they live in the town or the countryside or whatever God they worship - important points."

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