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Fri 19 Mar, 2010
By Danielle Carter

With that the defendant then pulled the top of her red dress down exposing her breasts.

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Topless lesbian bride arrested after stiletto attack

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A bride was arrested on her wedding day after she bared her breasts at a bouncer and struck him over the head with a stiletto shoe.

Sharon Hancox, of Conway Road, Penlan, had drunk up to eight pints of lager and a glass of champagne when the brawl got underway at 11pm on August 21 last year.

City magistrates heard the 40-year-old and her new wife had been celebrating their nuptials with a reception at Champers bar in High Street, Swansea.

Prosecutor Julie Sullivan said that prior to the attack on doorman David Jenkins, Hancox exposed her breasts and threatened to slit his throat.

She said that in his police statement Mr Jenkins said he'd had previous dealings with Hancox, and on one occasion she was ejected from Champers.

He also described another incident where she had been "abusive and aggressive" towards him and his colleagues.

But Hancox stated that during the latter he had attacked her and "pulled her breasts out".

At the wedding reception staff told Mr Jenkins that Hancox's partner was fighting with another woman.

He separated the pair before asking everyone else to leave the venue.

But Hancox, who was barefoot, told him she needed to get her shoes first.

Magistrates heard her partner blamed Mr Jenkins for the fight and that "he shouldn't have let the other female in because she'd been drinking all day".

Hancox then called him a pervert and said: "You assaulted me, you pulled my tits out two years ago."

Mr Jenkins denied any recollection of this.

Miss Sullivan, added: "With that the defendant then pulled the top of her red dress down exposing her breasts."

The court heard Hancox's daughter was "crying hysterically" and when Mr Jenkins said she should tend to her, the newlywed replied: "You put your hand on my daughter — I'll slit your throat."

Magistrates heard her partner lunged at Mr Jenkins, before Hancox — who was holding a two-inch stiletto shoe, followed suit.

"The heel made contact with his forehead," said Miss Sullivan. "He felt blood running down his face."

Hancox was arrested and in interview she said Mr Jenkins "punched her partner and she hit him with her shoe".

"She said she was ashamed of what she had done and was embarrassed for her actions in front of her daughter," said Miss Sullivan.

Hancox pleaded guilty to common assault after initially denying the allegation.

Steve Burnell, defending, said: "One of the guests turned up slightly inebriated and when Mrs Hancox and her partner got to the after-party they asked that the woman not be allowed in because of her state at the ceremony.

"There has been a history between the doorman and my client.

"This lady had already taken her shoes off. It wasn't a deliberate act where she was wearing high heels and had taken them off."

Mr Burnell said Hancox hadn't "fully appreciated" that the shoe was in her hand when she swung at him.

"She's very remorseful about the whole incident.

"Initially it was for protection of her partner," added Mr Burnell.

Hancox was sentenced to a 12-month community order with 60 hours' unpaid work. She must also pay £100 compensation and £150 costs.


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