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Wed 29 Jun, 2011
By Sam Bristowe

We are delighted to be able to use the Pier Head for Liverpool Pride 2011

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Liverpool Pride moves out of the gay quarter

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Liverpool Pride festival is set to alter its location away from the city’s gay quarter in a bid to save money and keep the even free.

The August Merseyside Pride festivities have been forced to vacate form the city centre and its gay district due to funding issues regarding closing the roads, as over 20,000 people descend on the event.

According to This Is Liverpool, Tommy McIlravey, chair of Liverpool Pride, said: : “Obviously, we were disappointed to have to move out of Dale Street and the gay quarter but, like just about every charity at the moment, we have had to tighten our belts in order to survive.

“Closing such a huge area of the city centre is a difficult and expensive operation, so we had to look at a range of alternative spaces for Liverpool Pride, including some outside the city centre.”

“We are delighted to be able to use the Pier Head for Liverpool Pride 2011.

“It is a wonderful space and part of the iconic waterfront of Liverpool that is recognisable throughout the world. Being there is a real symbol of how much Merseyside is behind the Liverpool Pride event.”

Festival organisers have insisted that they will ensure some pride activities still take place in the gay quarter but it doesn’t prove enough for some pride goers.

The paper also reported that a regular attendee to the event Cath Chapman disagreed with the decision to move away from the gay district over funding issues, saying: “The general feeling is that we would rather pay £5 each and have the festival in the gay quarter than move it to the Pier Head.

“Last year was so fantastic and the gay quarter was brought to life. The organisers shouldn’t be turning their backs.

“There are a lot of struggling businesses who need help. They feel cheated that it's moving from the quarter.

“People are already talking of boycotting Pride and staying in the gay quarter.”

Liverpool Pride is set to take place on August 6.


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