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Fri 17 Jun, 2011
By Sam Bristowe

We had gone back for mutual pleasure, a sexual encounter

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Exclusive – Angela Eagle MP praises first ever LGBT History Month Magazine

Exclusive – Angela Eagle MP praises first ever LGBT History Month Magazine

The UKs first ever LGBT History Month magazine is being launched with the support of Angela Eagle

EasyJet offers free flight to Pope (Plus Speedy Boarding)

Budget airline EasyJet yesterday offered to fly Pope Benedict XVI to the UK following the recent controversy surrounding his viewpoints on British Equality laws and estimated cost of his visit.

Anger of The Sun gay minister survey

The Sun has caused havoc after publishing a poll yesterday asking whether gay people should be allowed to be cabinet ministers.

Harman confirms discrimination law bid dropped

The Government will not push through proposals that churches argue would restrict their ability to deny jobs to gay people and transsexuals, Equality Minister Harriet Harman has confirmed.

Former Mr Gay UK police officer cleared of rape charge

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Police office and former Mr Gay UK has been cleared of raping another man after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

Pc Mark Carter, 28, was facing Leeds Crown Court on the count of two charges of rape and three of sexual assault.

All charges against Carter, from Bradford, allegedly took place on a Christmas work night out in Leeds on 18 December last year.

The accused reportedly met a man in the local Loft Bar where then went back to the Etap hotel where he allegedly dragged the man by his hair and raped him.

Carter responded in his defense to the allegations: "We had gone back for mutual pleasure, a sexual encounter."

Describing how it had affected his life, he said: "It turned my life upside down. I embarked on an absolute living nightmare."

He went on to inform the court in his defense that the gay scene is full of “bitchy drama queens who like to make things up.”

Following the jury’s undecided vote a further decision will be made next week to decide whether or not to proceed with a retrial.


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