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Reviews: Health and Wellbeing

Tue 17 Aug, 2010
By Darren Waite

It’s great too if you’re a bit of a “bear” and fancy a change. Just lather up and smoothly shave away. You’ll feel the difference and I’m sure he will too!

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Olympic Fever with Clinique's new colours.

So the olympics are here and with every nations flag flying in London and across the UK what more could we want? Well..... CLINIQUE have the answer, more gorgeous colours to wear. ALMOST.....

Pamper yourself with Pinkwire

Get yourself looking top-dollar with these products that have been tried and tested by the team at

The Clinique for Men range

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I needed a new look. Well I know my face wouldn’t change but I could certainly try some new products to make a difference. After a long summer of Parties and Prides I decided to try something new.

CLINIQUE! OK not the most money saving products on the market but as it turns out by far worth that extra buck!

And so the daily routine starts!

Face Scrub - Price: £ 15.50
Wake up and liven up with this excellent facial scrub, as they say “ just add water”. I used the scrub for a few days and noticed a difference. It is brilliant for removing dry and dead skin and leaves you with a non-oily smooth face ready to be looked at (that’s obviously on the understanding you are clean shaven)!

Speaking of shaving:-

M-Shave Aloe Gel - Price: £ 12.00
All the other gels I have tried have either left my skin dry and sore or with a shaving rash and bumps.
This shave gel from the Clinique for men’s range is a great non-oily shave gel that not only has a lather which cushions the skin for a smooth shave (you will know what I mean when you try it), it also leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed afterwards.
It’s great too if you’re a bit of a “bear” and fancy a change. Just lather up and smoothly shave away. You’ll feel the difference and I’m sure he will too!

Afterwards, don’t forget to use the:

Post Shave Healer - Price: £16.50
Remember to use the post shave healer afterwards as it’s full of aloe vera and has a great aroma. It helps soothe and heal small nicks (if you have any) and leaves the skin feeling light and fresh.

After the shave experience, grab a tube of:

M-lotion - Price: £ 20.00
A brilliant daily hydration cream. Use daily after face scrub for an all over rehydrated fresh look. It’s great for dry skin and leaves a healthy glow.

Then the icing on the cake just has to be:-

All About Eyes Serum - Price: £20.00
A daily eye serum and massage that helps to remove dark circles and brightens your eyes immediately.
This stuff really works especially if you need to get rid of those puffy eyes from a late night.

Right! .... I’m now ready to go out and see the day – are you?

All the above products are available from good retail stores as well as online at


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