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Thu 7 Oct, 2010
By Sam Bristowe

Now, I must confess I am a tan-a-holic and if I am in the need for an “instant fix” I would head straight for my Fake Bake over any of my other brands I have

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Fake Bake : T-Time

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Well, we are officially well and truly into the Autumn and waving goodbye to the sun and as we brace ourselves for the next bout of the big freeze and the “coldest winter to date” (as they say each year) Pinkwire was one step ahead and got out the Fake Bake instant spray tan to cling on to that summer glow through the following winter months.

So the bake off began. We decided to take a look into the best ways to receive the healthy sun kissed look and one port of call was acclaimed - Fake Bake.

One night before I headed out to hopefully find the man of my dreams, I looked in the mirror to find a ghostly image of myself stare back at me, my pasty skin showing every red blemish in all its glory.

Smooth caramel summer skin was no more and now my course skin was battered by the cold was looking dreary and lost, there was no way I was to find Mr. Right with my skin in this eerie condition; so outcome the sun in a can.

Using Fake Bake Instant Airbrush Self Tanning Spray I easily applied it to my face as the cool moist spray landed on my skin leaving golden droplets lying on my once pasty skin. Then using the mitt I circled the solution into my skin to leave an all over natural olive glow ready to dance the night away.

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about using fake bake and ending up looking a tangerine after some of the horror stories I have heard about the this product. In saying that for some FB is a hit but for others it can greatly be a miss.

For me I was pleasantly surprised with the finished glaze and smell left by the spray. I found the colouring to settle well on my skin and leave a natural glow – great for that instant result.

However, as with all fake tans, a night in a sweltering club will take its toll or your brown skin, as the sweat will slowly drip the dark droplets onto your now streaky skin and onto your once crisp white shirt.

Now, I must confess I am a tan-a-holic and if I am in the need for an “instant fix” I would head straight for my Fake Bake over any of my other brands I have and that is something I never thought I would say.

In saying that, If I wasn’t in such a rush and had more time to apply the solution to my skin I would head for an alternative product for a more natural look but for that instant fix fake bake does what is says on the tin and does it well.

About Fake Bake:

Fake Bake is a US company that has taken the self-tanning market by storm. The company is relatively new - having only founded in 2002 by Sandra McClumpha, a former salon owner. Even though the brand is still relatively new Fake Bake is one of the most popular self-tanning ranges to date.

What Fake Bake say about their Aerosol Airbrush Tan:

"Airbrush on your best ever tan with Fake Bake Instant Self Tanning Spray, it's the closest you'll get to a professional spray tan, giving you easy and streak free application so you look great whatever the weather! This has been formulated with the highest quality ingredients combined with two tanning agents to give you an even, long lasting tan from head to toe."

RRP - Airbrush (7 fl.oz) - £26.95

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