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Tue 14 Sep, 2010
By Darren Waite

there you have it, a style Hugh Grant would be envious of.

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Funky Fishing

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These fishy products are definately not ones to let get away.

So I have been sent some hair products from a range called FISH - hmm I thought, another company coming into the market with funky gums, clays and pastes for the funky guy-style hair do’s, so the jury was out.

To my amazement I found out that Fish had been around for sometime, I was so hooked on "an other brandl" I didnt once think of trying something new.

But I have been sent these pots of style so I shall take up the challenge.

Where do I begin?

Stone Fish Clay - I decided it better to let it go and give this one to a very funkadelic friend of mine who loves an outrageous style on his head, He loves it, When it’s on , IT STAYS ON, Firm hold and no amount of wind or rain will dampen or move that mop down! It’s unlike any other clay out there, it’s easy to use, easy to manipulate and it DOESN’T CLOG OR CRUMBLE in your hair!!! You know what I mean guys? I’d definitely recommend this one to any funky fantastic guys who want a firm hold yet be able to maneuver your style to catch the mood!

Now Fish Paste and Fish Gum, here we are talking, I like a style, a short spiky kind of messed up, just out of bed look and the boyf likes a long foppy look, so we opted to try the paste and the gum,

For me, the paste is by far the best hair product I have used this side of the millennium!
Its lightweight, malleable, easy to re style and holds medium firm, Also has a great matt finish and a totally non greasy look. Easy to mess up and re shape any time of day or night.

For him, the gum, he loves it. He has ... shall we say - Eton boy foppy hair. Every morning without fail he uses the Fish Gum to style the side parting, (over the left eye curtain), it holds and it holds well, after a few minutes he runs his fingers through and there you have it, a style Hugh Grant would be envious of.

In all fairness guys there are lots of different hair gels, waxes, pastes and gums on the market. But seriously, try out the Fish Range! its great value for money and as an added bonus the products smell great too.

There's a whole range of Fish Products for men and women so check them out!

I know what I will be buying to style me up from here on in.

If you dont want to take my word for it then visit the salon.

Fish Salon is on D'arblay Street in Soho, London.
Opening hours are 10:00am - 19:00 pm
Or check out their website for more details.

Fish products are also available from
available from Boots nationwide or online at


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