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Sun 10 Dec, 2017
By Robert Ingham

No subject is taboo, no cliché left unturned and no-one is safe

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Victor/Victoria - Theatre Review

Victor/Victoria - Theatre Review

Victor/Victoria is the wonderful gender bending musical currently in production at London Bridge’s Southwark Playhouse.

Review: The Little Dog Laughed:- Words: Robert Ingham

The Little Dog Laughed is an excellent, well written play flitting between New York and LA, and tells the story of Mitchell (Rupert Friend), Diane (Tamsin Greig), Alex (Harry Lloyd) and Ellen (Gemma Aterton), satirising Hollywood and its attitudes towards its stars, their lovers and those that fall between

Queen Trumps Jack - Megan Mullally & Supreme Music Program

Megan Mullally & Supreme Music Program has descended onto the Vaudeville Theatre, the first time the lady from Will & Grace and her posse have performed outside of the United States. With a mixture of alternative jazz, rhythm n blues and swing, this songstress proves that she has more talents than meets the eye.

Drag Divas - Review

Take five talented Drag Queens, mix in a plethora of past and present Divas and you have ‘Drag Divas’, on at The Arts Theatre in the West End.

Snow White - Rotten To The Core! - Theatre Review

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We all love a bit of panto. Oh yes we do. It signals that Christmas is well and truly upon us - a time for giving, a time for forgiving, a time for… Oh you get the drift, a pun that segues seamlessly into ‘Snow White, Rotten to the Core!’, Above The Stag’s annual festive gift that just keeps giving.

Penned by ATS seasoned writers Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper, you know this is going to be an evening of topical irreverence and outrageous shenanigans.

No subject is taboo, no cliché left unturned and no-one is safe, not even the audience.

In a nutshell, a Fairy comes to the kingdom of Lumley-by-Gosh on doctor’s order to stop meddling in people’s affairs when she gets caught up in Queen Babs’ evil plan to kill Snow White after the Mirror tells him he is no longer the fairest in the land. Queen Babs’ faithful servant, Taleesha, is unable to carry out his murderous orders and sets Snow free into the wild where he comes across a cottage in the forest which has some very small furniture and some rather randy furries. All whilst being chased across the land by handsome Prince Charming.

With mandatory audience participation, musical numbers and cunning linguists, this adult panto is a sleek production with an incredibly talented cast – no more so than Nanny, the Dame played by Matthew Baldwin who is superb and expertly toys with the audience. Matthew is no novice, having been the Dame in ATS’s production of Jack Off the Beanstalk a couple of years ago, and he has the audience quite literally in the palm of his hands.

Throw in excellent performances from Ellen Butler (fabulous Fairy), Christopher Lane (gleefully devious Queen Babs), Scott Hewlett (more time with your clothes off please Prince Charming), Briony Rawie (Taleesha – oh hey!), Shaun Mendum (cute and elegant Snow White), Andrew Truluck (the Mirror) and a super set from David Shields, and you’re in for a treat.

Honourable mention goes to Kris Marc-Joseph and Michael Robert-Lowe who play the two bears in such a way that is one on hand touching and the other rather raunchy. Their relationship is a hybrid of traditional values and modern lifestyles, and is wonderful to watch.

What makes this particular production stand apart from other ATS pantos is the care that has gone into this. The entire team from on-stage to behind the scenes and front of house have created a show you can’t help but leave all of life’s woes at the door and enjoy a night of savvy silliness.

It’s hardly surprising to know this run has completely sold out, but there may be returns on the day so worth getting in touch. And if you fail to make it to this year’s, their next panto is ‘Mother Goose Cracks One Out’ is already on sale. This will mark their 10th panto and will celebrate ATS’ tenth anniversary. Get your tickets while you can and get ready for plenty of ‘it’s behind you’, boos, hisses and many belly laughs.


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