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Mon 2 Dec, 2013
By Robert Ingham

you’ll never look at a tramp, or your shoes, the same way

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Dick! Comes Again! - Adult Panto

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Christmas may be treading on our coat-tails, so it’s this time that theatreland comes alive with its Festive offerings. But whilst we could be persuaded to go for the more traditional Pantos, it’s the Adult ones we are much more interested in.

And so it begins… The Leicester Square Theatre opens its tinsel-lined doors and reworks the classic tale of Dick Whittington with ‘Dick! Comes Again!

Bigger, Longer, Harder’. All those who saw last year’s ‘Dick’ will notice some similarities but this time, with a (nearly) new cast, new musical numbers and a perky script, we delve deeper into the crazed and depraved mind of writer and director Stuart Saint.

I was going to write a synopsis of the show but, really, does anyone actually care about the plot involving a search for family jewels which starts in Fitznicely, a nightclub in So HoHo run by Sofonda Cox and her ugly daughter Alice, a man with an enormous appendage and an arrogant cat being chased by the evil Queen Runt, all under the watchful eye of Fairy Bell-End? Didn’t think so… You’re not here to think – you’re here to hear all the lude, crude and very rude one-liners, and of course the audience participation, of which there is a great amount of that, whether you like it or not.

The cast obviously enjoy what they’re doing, especially Laura Hyde who plays Alice, as this is her second year back, as is the Very Miss Dusty O, who glares and glowers and has the audience in the palm of her hands. Their energy is incredibly infectious – or maybe the alcohol had started to kick in – and you can’t help but grin from ear to ear. With more than a knowing wink, the cast understand that this is going to be one dirty ride, and they pull no punches. No-one is safe, and that is just how they like it.

Whilst the script is insanely below the belt, there are some fantastic lines throughout. I’m not going to quote any lines because the shock value is worth the suspense. Just know that you’ll never look at a tramp, or your shoes, the same way.

Of course, no Panto would be complete without musical numbers and the absolute stand-out moment is “Enough Is Enough”. My God, those girls can SING! That alone was worth the wait… Not that that is the only thing that stands out… *nudge nudge wink wink*

It’s not rocket science but if you want a silly, stupid, irreverent night away from the prices some shows are charging, you won’t go far wrong with ‘Dick! Comes Again!’ As the lady in her sixties behind me said as we were leaving, with a glint in her eye: “that’s the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen!” I’m sure I saw her waiting in line at the box office the next day…

‘Dick! Comes Again!’ is on at the Leicester Square Theatre until 19th January.


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