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Thu 3 Jun, 2010
By Robert Ingham

There is a little eroticism for everyone, gay male or female, with a hot cast wandering around in very little

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The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror

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The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror (GBBT) is a deliciously terrible horror about a group of gay strangers who have booked into the isolated Sahara Salvation Inn, a bed & breakfast run by a family with a few hidden secrets.
However one thing’s for sure, there’s so many screws loose that it’s a surprise their own brains don’t fall out the moment the film begins.

The plot is paper thin which holds no real surprises. Five gay couples are on their way to “The Blue Party” but, due to not booking early enough, find the only rooms available are at a remote B&B in the middle of the desert.

This B&B is owned by god-fearing mother, Helen, who believes that man should lie with woman only and preaches this to her daughter Luella, wanting her to marry a nice man even if he is gay (as he can be redeemed).
Yet Luella has a tendency for “liking pretty girls” and Helen takes it upon herself to start disposing of anyone who may be a temptation. Add Helen’s son Manfred, who is intent on devouring the male guests, and you have one seriously messed-up family who pick off the visitors off one by one.

This is an absolutely diabolical film, but has its tongue so firmly in cheek that it runs the risk of choking on itself. From its opening homage to all horrors of the 1970s to the Mommy Dearest close-ups, this is an enjoyably stupid slasher movie that doesn’t hold back in its splatter and gore.

GBBT truly is dreadful but there are some points which improve the film. The sight of Eric, played by the gorgeous Robert Borzych, in nothing but skimpy swimwear is certainly an “uplifting” experience. There is a little eroticism for everyone, gay male or female, with a hot cast wandering around in very little. And the transformation of Mr Leather’s boyfriend into full drag gives the film a much needed boost.

This may not be enough for many viewers but the script stops being so awful at this point. Either that or I just gave in to how naff this film actually is and decided to allow my brain to slowly atrophy.
Seriously, if you do watch GBBT, please watch it with the view that it was meant to be this bad, especially as the mother and daughter overact to the point where you think it couldn’t have been directed any other way. However the special effects are not that bad (bravo to the SFX team) and the twist at the end is just that – twisted.

It’s not the worst film you’ll see. It’s not far off but it’s worth a look. It certainly doesn’t stand up to Hellbent (equally unremarkable), but it does stand on its own as being one of the only two gay slasher movies. If you go in expecting nothing, you will not be disappointed.

The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror is released by Peccadillo Pictures.


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