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Tue 20 Apr, 2010
By Robert Ingham

followed by the rather wonderful “All I Want”, which will have you singing along to the simple chorus, music carrying you like the wind on the top of Greenwich Hill.

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Sarah Blasko – As Day Follows Night

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There are certain singers who come along that take your breath away, their albums blowing your mind each time you listen to them which consign them to the classics section. Unfortunately, this is not one of those.

Sarah Blasko has released her album “As Day Follows Night” internationally and is a hot name in the music world. Her smoky voice and easy listening/bluesy songs are causing quite a stir with the term “Album of the Year” being bandied around.

While this may be true, I honestly cannot see how this one will have people overly excited for too long.

The album starts off extremely promising with the sweet and perky “Down on Love” with its warm and haunting melodies, like someone opening a music box from your childhood and Sarah’s voice floating along with angelic precision.

This is followed by the rather wonderful “All I Want”, which will have you singing along to the simple chorus, music carrying you like the wind on the top of Greenwich Hill. “Bird on A Wire” beats along next with another easy listening and pleasant chorus while song 4, “Hold On My Heart” gives the album a great burst of energy, as if Easy Listening Goes Pop, firing up the bpm. Sarah’s vocals are perfect here and as the next track starts with its happy lyrics in “We Won’t Run” the playlist is thoroughly enjoyable.

Unfortunately, after this track, the album becomes incredibly samey and I find myself getting frustratingly bored, fast forwarding track after track to find something to lift the mood. I even go back to listen to each song in its entirety, just in case I have missed anything rousing. “Sleeper Awake” does the complete opposite to what the title suggests as its lifeless lyrics and monotonous beat steal six minutes of my life.
From here on in “As Day Follows Night” becomes background music, something you’d be happy to play quietly at a dinner party.

This isn’t a dreadful album full of awful songs but after “We Won’t Run” (track 5 of 12) there is nothing memorable here. There will be fans, of course, but wasn’t there all this praise and hullaballoo when Dido, Norah Jones and Duffy came out?

There is nothing wrong with having an album where most of the tracks sound the same, and if that works for you then this is worth a look-in. However if you want something to lift your spirits then I would suggest downloading the first five songs and don’t worry with the rest.

Sarah Blasko has created an album I’ve no doubt she is proud of but moniker “Album of the Year” it isn’t, though it will be the biggest of her career so far.

“As Day Follows Night” is available for download from iTunes now.


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