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Tue 6 Apr, 2010
By Robert Ingham

...genuinely charming with a leading man who tugs at the heartstrings, managing to be both adult and little boy lost simultaneously

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Film Review - Leo's Room

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Leo’s Room is a rather wonderful Spanish film about student Leo who, realising his relationship with his girlfriend just isn’t getting the Big O his friends discuss in the opening scene, sets off on a voyage of self-discovery. Leo knows he’s gay but has trouble accepting it and it takes a chance encounter with an old female primary school friend, Caro, to help him find his true self.

Each character, from Caro with a heart-wrenching past to the patient and calming psychiatrist Leo visits, is understatedly acted - drawn with realistic dialogue, care and attention. While it may be true that to begin with you feel Caro is a little strange, with too long pauses between replies and a far-off look permanently in her eyes, you immediately put those concerns to one side when you realise the extent of her depression.

Once you get used to the subtitles, this is a very enjoyable film. It is a charming, funny, warm and often touching look at a man coming to terms with his sexuality, with several scenes evoking memories for many gay people and the feelings they went though when first coming out. It is genuinely charming with a leading man who tugs at the heartstrings, managing to be both adult and little boy lost simultaneously.

Ably backed-up by a superb supporting cast and a behind-the-scenes crew that know exactly the story they want to tell, this allows Leo to delve into the depth of his soul to tell you his story. And what a lovely, uncompromising and unsuspecting story it is.

Leo’s Room is released by TLA Releasing.


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