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Wed 31 Mar, 2010
By Robert Ingham

It is witty, well written, superbly acted and, in places, very emotional.

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Film Review - "DARE" at the BFI LLGFF

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Dare is a wonderfully warm and funny film about three high school students waking up to their own sexualities, whether they are straight, gay or somewhere in-between, telling the story of Alexa, Ben and Johnny, and how their lives interweave with each other.

Alexa and Ben have been best friends since they were kids, sharing all their secrets along the way, but it takes just one guy to come between them.
After a bitter, but accurate, actor tells Alexa that in order to be a great actress she must “feel” the part (no mean feat when the part she’s playing is Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire), she begins her quest that removes her naivety, as well as imploding her friendships.

Dare works on so many levels.

It is witty, well written, superbly acted and, in places, very emotional.
For example, bad-boy Johnny’s desire to be accepted by the others but his inability to articulate what he really wants from their friendship, made increasingly difficult by the lustful advances from Alexa and Ben, makes for extremely touching viewing.

With guest appearances from Alan Cummings and Sandra Bernhard, this is one film that cannot be ignored as the entire film is backed by a strong director and an excellent supporting cast.
There is not one weak link and I think this is helped by the fact this feature began as a short film screened at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival back in 2006.

Realising that the short had all the markings of being full-length and, because they had a strong story in place already, it was an easier task for the producers to open it up and delve into the psyches of these three characters. As a result they have retained the three original actors, giving the entire film a further depth.

I strongly recommend this film as this is not your usual boy-meets-boy-meets-girl comedy. The ending is a nice, if not entirely satisfactory, twist to your usual Hollywood films, but will be a welcome addition to anyone’s DVD collection.

Dare will be released in January 2011 by Peccadillo Pictures!
Keep an eye out for your copy.


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