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Mon 3 Sep, 2012
By Robert Ingham

feelgood musical of the year

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Film - Breakfast with Scot: Words: Robert Ingham

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Leave It On The Floor - DVD review

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Take a hot talented cast who can sing, dance and act, a musician brimming with ideas, a production team with a keen eye for detail and a writer who ties everything together seamlessly, and you have ‘Leave It On The Floor’, a new musical set in the Los Angeles gay scene.

When Brad is kicked out of the family home by his mum for being gay, he unexpectedly finds himself mixing with a group of outsiders at the Imperial Bar, where a weekly Costume Ball competition takes place. The rules are to bring attitude, style and glamour to win the top prizes for the House you are in, and leave all the drama of your life “on the floor”. However this is not so easy when Brad (Ephraim Sykes) becomes involved in a love triangle between Carter (Andre Myers) and Princess (Phillip Evelyn), and has the leader of the group Queef Latina (a stand-out performance from Miss Barbie-Q) trying to keep her House in order while pining for her boyfriend’s imminent release from prison.

‘Leave It On The Floor’ if full of wonderful performances and great songs that will have your toes-tapping and your vocal chords humming. With ballads, sambas, bitch battles and one-liners you wish you had made up yourself, there is something that will resonate with everybody and there is no doubt you will be left with a big grin on your face.

For a low-budget movie there really is an incredible pool of talent. Director and Producer Sheldon Larry has captured the mood expertly, Glenn Gaylord’s screenplay is sweet and sassy, and the actors pull out all the stops to bring you the feelgood musical of the year. Plus the choreography is from award-winning Frank Gatson Jr, Beyonce’s Creative Director, who adds finesse and grace to numbers such as “Justin’s Gonna Call” and “Black Love”.

This is an excellent film which deserves repeat viewings and a stellar career for all involved.

‘Leave It On The Floor’ is out on 10th September from Peccadillo Pictures.


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