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Mon 1 Mar, 2010
By Robert Ingham

A return to form for this week’s Glee. Hurrah!

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A return to form for this week’s Glee. Hurrah! Last week saw a good episode after a couple of relatively slow burners, but tonight’s was one of the best. From Diva-Offs and Bake-Ins to Well-Ups and Spin-Outs, Glee really pushed all the buttons.

The Defying Gravity sing-off between diva Rachel and snappy Kurt was highly anticipated. Regardless he didn’t win. Regardless he purposefully missed the high F. This was a show-off that was always on the cards – and it did not disappoint.

There is always suspicion when Sue starts being nice but her enrolment of Becky, who has Down’s syndrome, into the Cheerios really raised the bar on how low she would stoop to stay on top. So it was truly touching when she walked through the door at the care home to visit her older sister, also with Down’s syndrome, and start reading Little Red Riding Hood to her, smiling her first genuine smile of the series. It seems Ms Sylvester has a softer side that only comes out when no-one is watching. I’m sure my eyes weren’t the only ones misting up.

Another emotional moment came with Kurt and his dad. When his father receives an anonymous call saying “Your son’s queer!” you expect him to explode in anger, ordering Kurt to stop being so gay. Instead, there was this terrifically heartfelt honesty showing Kurt’s dad vulnerability.

Glee has always been about diversity but tonight this was revved to the max. Glee Club had a bake sale to raise money to buy a wheelchair accessible bus to take them to the sectionals. After a special “ingredient” was added to the cupcakes, they sold like hotcakes and with the money raised Marty decided instead to put it to putting a ramp into the theatre. Awww... But sentimentality went when a fabulous version of Proud Mary burst onto the stage, with the club racing and bouncing around in their wheelchairs.

Tonight’s episode had me laughing, moved, on the edge of my seat and thirsty for next week to come around. Whether you like Glee or not, you cannot escape from strong writing, great songs and an enthusiasm that is boundless, whatever your ability.

On a personal note, who else is finding Puck more than a little irresistible, especially after last week’s Sweet Caroline? One word, four letters... Grrr...!

Well done Glee! I’m still believin’.

(And so is my iPod!)


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