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Mon 1 Mar, 2010
By Danielle Carter

The mere tinker of the first few opening bars takes you back to some dodgy lesbian memory that you would probably rather forget.

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What's up Sharleen?

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I saw Sharleen Spiteri playing at the Brighton Centre many moons ago, it goes without saying that it was a lez fest.

Texas were up there with the Pretenders, Cranberries and Blondie.
Songs like Black Eyed Boy, Halo and Guitar Song (my personal favourite) were anthems of a generation. The mere tinker of the first few opening bars takes you back to some dodgy lesbian memory that you would probably rather forget.

So when I arrived at work and found Sharleen's new solo album on my desk to review I was suitably excited. I haven't been this excited since Anthony and the Johnsons released their latest EP.

The album, called 'The Movie Songbook' is Sharleen's ode to all of the songs that have appeared in movie's that she likes and therefore thinks she must copy. It is a cover album.

So on my way down to Brighton for the weekend I thought the ethereal warbling of the Spiteri would be a decent accompaniment.

I phoned my friend as I got in the car and told him I got the album: "Have you heard Xanadu?" He said: "No" I replied, I am more Radio 4 nowadays than Radio 1.
"It is awful." He stated.

I put it on and he was right. As I drove down the motorway, I announced audibly "Sharleen what are you doing?", the disappointment was tangible on the M23. Much like when I saw All Saints live and realised that they were A) Not hot and B) Couldn't sing - sad times.

And Lord it got worse, and I mean desperately bad.
The lowest point, whilst queuing along the Brighton seafront was "What's up Pussycat?" - not joking, just diabolical.

Other songs included: Pretty Woman and The Sound of Silence. It was like being trapped at an Essex wedding at two in the morning after over-indulging on Iceland sausage rolls and tikka bites.

In fact when I arrived in Brighton, I thrust it at the other half and said "listen to this", in fact we didn't listen to it until the next day but she just said: "Oh Sharleen, what have you done?"

I wouldn't recommend that you buy it, but you probably have to hear it to believe it so maybe you could download "What's up Pussycat?" on itunes, that way it will cost you less than a pound and less than five minutes of your life.

Let's hope that this is a blip as I am unsure that this album will bring back any good memories, just painful ones.

Sharleen Spiteri's Album The Movie Songbook is out today, 1st March.


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