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Wed 20 Oct, 2010
By Robert Ingham

this warm tale of love and friendship that is, in places, strangely erotic wins hands down

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Grrrreat - Bear City

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Bear City is a Sex-In-The-City meets Queer As Folk comedy set in New York about going for your desires, whatever the shape or size. We are introduced to Tyler, a twink who secretly fantasises about being with XL men, but nervous his (very twinky) flatmate Simon will not accept his choices.

He infiltrates the local bear haunt and meets a group of friends who take him under their wings – Michael, the insecure daddy of the group and his boyfriend Carlos who loves Michael just the way he is. Fred and Brent, who are debating whether to open up their relationship to threesomes.

And then there’s Roger, the muscle bear of the group who goes from one sauna to the next shagging whoever he wants and never settling down. Not a pleasant thing to see when you fall head over heals for him, as Tyler does.

Bear City has something for everyone here, whatever your preference in the world of gay lovin’, but remains true to its roots as a romantic comedy about Bears and their chasers. Whilst a couple of scenes at the beginning might not be to all tastes, it makes up for it with some wonderful dialogue from an adept cast, which includes Stephen Guarino, who plays Brent, and who steals every scene he’s in.

This is a great little movie, strongly and very funnily written by Doug Langway and Lawrence Ferber – confirmed by their win of Outstanding Screenplay at 2010’s Outfest Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Outfest also gave the Outstanding Actor accolade to Guarino, which is completely deserved; though it’s a shame Alex Di Dio missed out on a nod for his sparkle sparkle shine portrayal of Tyler’s best mate, Simon.

Bear City never condescends or assumes. Its heart is firmly in the right place and, whilst it is not an original, it is unique in its portrayal of a part of society that gets overlooked or patronised. As a result, this warm tale of love and friendship that is, in places, strangely erotic wins hands down. A definite welcome in your DVD collection.

Bear City is from TLA Releasing and is available to buy on 1st November.


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