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Tue 23 Feb, 2010
By Robert Ingham

One plane ride over the pond and a Wizard of Oz moment later...

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Film - Breakfast with Scot: Words: Robert Ingham

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Film Review: Hollywood je t'aime

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Hollywood, je t’aime is a warm, heartening and sometimes quirky film about escaping your demons, if only for two weeks. After the breakdown of his relationship with Gilles, Jerome (Eric Debets) decides it is time to leave behind the grey, drab and miserable streets of Paris and go on holiday to Hollywood, where posters in the city have come to life telling him that it is always summer in California. One plane ride over the pond and a Wizard of Oz moment later, he lands in Los Angeles where this comedy/drama starts to soar.

Unhappy with the seedy and quite frankly dirty motel room, he happens to meet transsexual Kaleesha and drag queen Norma Desire who invite him to stay with them and it is there where Jerome settles, deciding to become an actor during his stay in Hollywood.

There are some fine moments here, which satirises the advertising side to Los Angeles and where we glimpse just what it is like behind the scenes. Not only does it gently (and sometimes hilariously) rib the people in front of and behind the camera, it also shows you rather accurately people who will do whatever it takes to get their fifteen minutes of fame.

Hollywood, je t’aime deals with themes of love, lust and loss with clear perception, and the emotions Jerome goes through are thoughtfully written. He is haunted by images of his ex, tormented by dreams of Gilles with his new boyfriend and it is only a trip to the beach where he meets a cute stoner and life in Hollywood takes a twist.

This is a joyous, happy film which does not conform to the regular rules of comedy. It is a bit leftfield, full of feisty lines, is well acted, has glorious characters and touches on many levels. This shows that whilst life may go on the same, it’s the changes that happen within that make the biggest impact – not only on yourself but on everyone around you.

A pleasure to watch with a story that won’t change the world, but will stay with you for a long while after.

Hollywood je t’aime is brought to you by TLA Releasing and is out this week.


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